Thursday, 22 March 2012

Top Ten Songs

The lovely Ella over at Purple Mum has listed her top 10 songs and I wanted to share mine (well some of them - as have loads!) too!

I have a huge range of music that I love listening too - I always have to have music on, especially when I'm 'playing' on the computer, heehee! I also go through phases of what I like to listen to - at the moment country is coming out tops :)

So here are 10 songs I love at the moment:

1. 'Who I am' by Jessica Andrews - I have always loved this song as the opening credit theme tune to the TV show Sue Thomas FB Eye, so this week I finally looked it up on Spotify and am hooked!

2. 'Vivo por Elle (Vivo Per Lei) by Andrea Bocelli - I listen to Andrea Bocelli when late night 'playing' on the computer - I final classical music really relaxing!

3. 'Travel to Romantis' by Ace of Base - takes me back to my youth! Always makes me feel happy :)
4. 'lullaby' by Nickelback - this is playing at the moment in the car and this is mine (and Little Man's) favourite track.

5. 'Everybody knows' by the Dixie Chicks - the first country band I really got into - through a friend of a friend!

6. 'Bring me to life' by Evanescence - love love love them!

7. 'Pukeae (The Trumpet)' by Oceania - really different!

8. 'Decode' by Paramore - from the soundtrack to Twilight. I looked them up too and again, hooked!

9. 'Still Standing' by the Rasmus - taking me back a little into my younger days!

10. 'Wherever you will go' by the Calling - another bans I recently found, I think it's the theme song to a TV show, but can't remember which one!

So there you have it - a brief glimpse into the weird and wonderful music that I love!

(don't forget to pop over and check out Purple Mum 's list out too!)

Good times :)

It's been a brilliant week so far!
Now that I'm only working 2 shifts at work and am taking all of my extra pills to boost my immune system, I have more energy! I am not as tired and can get up and stay up much earlier (8.30 today, instead of 11 - 12!) So I'm feeling quite proud of myself :)
Just wanted to share some little man piccies from this week - having fun playing golf with daddy, a range of very silly moments (my little nutter!) and the his little obsession! He is obsessed with lining all his toys up at the moment - all have to be touching and in just the right place - hmmm... sounds like someone might have caught a bit of my OCD???

obviously wanted to get every last little morsel!

a new hat??

lining them all up

the latest thing to do with a cushion!?!

see how they're all touching - he's not even 3 yet, but so precise!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Listography: 5 reasons I know I'm a...

tad obsessive!

The lovely Kate over at Kate takes 5 has given us a very broad list this week and I have chosen to share my little obsessions (of the OCD variety) and the routines that I have to follow, or I get all out of sync!

1. Locking doors - I have a terrible obsession with checking that I have locked doors. When I get out of the car, I have to press the lock button at least 10 times to make sure it really is locked - even though I can hear the 'clunk' and see the lights flashing!
At night, every time I go into the kitchen and pass the back door, I have to check that it's locked by trying the handle 3 times - even though I can see the bolts are across!!

2. My Internet 'routine' (which I always do in this order!!) I have mozilla open and turn it to facebook. I then open explorer and turn to my e-mails (I then switch between the 2) When my e-mails are sorted, I open another tab and then check the following; my blogger dashborad, Netmums Parent Bloggers Network pages, then Netmums chat pages - usually the coffee lounge! (again whilst still switching back and forth to facebook!)

(OMG - just these 2 make me sound completely nutts!! Oh well, I've started now so I'll finish!)

3. My bedtime 'routine' (how sad am I!!) I always go and turn my radio to classic fm and turn the bedside light on. Then I get in my jammies. I go to the bathroom and go to the toilet, then brush my teeth, then cleanse, tone etc my face! Next, I go to Little Man's room to say good night, and a little prayer for him. On the way back to my room I say the Lords Prayer ending with kissing the cross on my chain. Then it's off with all my jewellery, take my asthma inhaler, put a few drops on Olbas oil on my jammies top. Finally (I know huge list right!) I set the radio to sleep mode (always in 90 mins) and settle down to read my book!

4. I always have to hang washing out on the line (by the little rule I was taught by a friend's mum) 'hang tops from the bottom and bottoms from the top!'

5. I'm forever apologising! I go round work saying 'sorry' all the time! I have to do it though, even if it's not technically my fault!

Phew, so there you have it! I have now shown how much more of a complete fruit loop I am, then ever before!!!
I'm off to check out some of the other top 5's!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy mothers day!

tantrum taken from
Well, what a start we have had in our house this morning!
Little man has had a tantrum for 2 hours!!! He wouldn't brush his teeth for Grannie, so I took over and he was still not interested in being a good boy, so he went back to his room! Through his screaming and crying I didn't back down (he had the stair gate across the bedroom door) and let him out until he agreed to do his teeth, have a wash and change his stinky nappy like a good boy! 2 hours later, with lots of cuddles and kisses for finally being a good boy, little man gave in!
This is the first time I have not backed down, just to get him to be quiet and I'm feeling quite proud of myself!

Lets hope the rest of you have had nicer starts to mothers day!
Right, am off to make cards then into work at 4.30 - busy day ;)

Monday, 12 March 2012

How to boost my immune system

I had a meeting with my boss today, to sort me coming back to work and also, my new 2 shifts a week idea. She had lots of ideas on how to boost my immune system, so I've been researching all afternoon and have no got a list of things I need to do:
Eat more fruit, veg and nuts (I'm not too bad at this already! Though need to buy nuts!)
Eat less sugar (This one is really going to hurt - my chocolate relationship of late has been very very bad!)
Meditate  (I already have a CD to try!)
Socialise more (hmmm... not sure about this yet, but will try to get out and see more people)
Walk dogs (I really like the sound of this and have looked up my local Dogs Trust Centre to contact)
Eat probiotic yoghuts (expensive, so might have to give this one a miss)
Get more vitamin D (nothing to say about this one really!)
Get garlic, echinaccea and ginseng supplements (I think will all these pills, I will rattle!!)
Start using Vitabiotics Immunace (hope to find them cheaply somewhere!)
and finally have more sex! (perfect, as we're still trying for baby no2!)

So there you have it! I think if I manage to do this whole list, if my immune system doesn't pick up then it must be totally broken!!

Friday, 9 March 2012

What a week!

Well, it has been a while since I blogged but with the week I've had I hope you can understand why!I started off with a huge mental melt down - I was back to sobbing and suicidal! I think my poor little body had had just about enough of illness after illness and being exhausted and tired all the time and just flipped an 'off' switch.
Unfortunately I couldn't see my own doctor, so saw another one who signed me off for a whole month!
My boss (already not happy with how much time I've had off for illnesses) wasn't going to be impressed - so anxiety kicked in as well, just to make it all so much worse!
My lovely deputy manager Dave (has similar depression problem) took me for coffee on Monday and really helped! Then I had loads of messages form friends at work, wanting to be there for me too - I felt soo lucky! I managed to turn myself right around again and am now waiting to go back to work!
I decided that it might be a good idea to cut down my hours. I would then be less tired and might be able to do something about making my cards and bags to sell!!

The other decision we made in light of my mental break down was that we really can't afford our lovely Honda CRV (we call her Rhonda!) anymore, big sob! £365 a month is just too much, so we went and looked for a new car today (hubby, mum and dad-in-law) and hubby is in love with a Vauxhall Insignia - which will now be ours on Tuesday! (£213 a month instead - so much better!)

It doesn't end there. oh no - have the excitement of going to the dog races tomorrow with all the family! I can't wait - as I think they are soo cute! I only ever bet a couple of quid per race, but I always have to pick by their names (have no idea about all the odds etc!) so that should be really good. Last time we went, I decided that when I'm older, I am going to enter the adoption programme and adopt a retired race dog :)

So, the week has gone from suicidal, despairing me, to hopeful, content me!
I wonder what next week will bring!?!