Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Dear Little man

Well, as hard as it is for me to believe, you are now 3 years old!
So many changes have taken place this year!

busy 'working'!
Here's you on your 2nd birthday:

Now look at you on you 3rd!

So grown up!

I can't believe how time had just flown by!
So, what have you done this year?

You've had a go at baking bread, lots of fun with playdoh, drawing, painting and messing around in your sand pit in the garden. Though I must admit, I wish I was braver to do more 'messy' play times with you! (I promise to try harder from now on!)

You are getting so grown up - you'll now have showers, if I sit in the bath with you! You only need a little help now to get dressed (and you like to pick out some of the clothes you wear) and can almost do your sandles without any help at all! You have also recently started potty training and are doing really well, wearing your 'big boy pants' :)

We've had lots of trips out with our friends:
lunches around Alexis, Mandy, Andrea or Katherine's houses
play days with Emerald, Dave and Skye, and Harriet and Rosie - where we've been exploring the lakes, having fun at Krazy Klub, or just playing in the garden.

We've also had lots of fun with family:
Holiday in Wales with Grannie and Grandad, (and me and Daddy of course!)
Day trip to Marwell Zoo with me and Daddy
Day trip to Baslidon Park with ALL the family!
Street Party to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee
Sleep overs at Nanny and Grandad's house, with Sean
Trips to the farm to see Uncle Stuart, Aunty Sarah, Sean and Charlie.

You have some new favourites now - you love playing with Grandad and a puppet called Cow! You still love cars, trucks, puzzles, reading, anything Cars 2 related and blowing bubbles. Since your birthday, you now have a giant trampoline that you adore and a space-hopper that you are actually quite good on!

I'm sure that there are many things that I have forgotten, but at least I have an excuse - baby brain! You are going to become a big brother in December! We have been talking to the 'baby in there' as you call it - deciding that it's currently in my tummy button, which I just LOVE! You have also got a 'baby' in your tummy, as you keep telling everyone to mind your tummy, as we'll hurt your baby! You have decided that you want to have a little sister, though we will have to wait until December to find out!

Here are just a couple of my favourite pictures from the year:

in your den

Fireman 'Sam'

at the lakes

I love your laugh!

on holiday

playing in the garden

my 2 gorgeous boys!

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