Thursday, 29 November 2012

I am sooo proud of my hubby!

Today was a huge achievement for hubby! He finally went to the doctors and asked for some help!
It's not been easy for us the last few years, poor hubby has had to deal with -
moving in with my parents,
me leaving my well paid teaching job, followed by leaving waitress job due to my depression (and pregnancy!)
me being pregnant - am 36 weeks tomorrow, so we are nearly there! However, this has by no means been an easy pregnancy! I've had bleeds, gestational diabetes diagnosed, my depression has been horrendous, I'm exhausted all the time and have sciatica now too!!
our little man, now 3 and gorgeous, but can be extremely hard work, tiring, and has a way of getting on hubby's last nerve, (sometimes deliberately but not always!)
he also hates his job!
I've been trying to talk to him about his temper - he has been loosing it at any tiny little thing lately and occasionally scares me with his over-reaction to what little man has done / is doing that annoys him.
Having had depression myself for 13 years, I think it has helped me to see the early warning signs that he is struggling (and I don't blame him frankly, life's not easy at the moment!) so I've been trying to get him to go and talk to the doctor and get some help, for quite a while now.
Well, today he went and told the doctor that basically everything at the moment is really p***ing him off!! The doctor was brilliant and said he had done an amazing thing in admitting this and coming to get help! He's now on anti-depressants for the next 3 weeks to see how he goes!
I am so so so so so so proud of him for being so brave and getting the help he so needed!
I love him so so so much and am going to be there for him every step of the way!
Just wanted to share with you all :)

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Making plans...failure!!

So there I was with my last post Making Plans, all ready with my big plan of jobs to try and help mum and hubby around the house more, and help me feel a little less useless and guilty, the result... pants!
My body and baby bump seem to have other ideas about how I should be spending my time!

Firstly, I came down with an evil cold and cough that lasted about 3 days (I even managed to go through a whole box of tissues in less than one day!) and left me completely exhausted!

On Saturday, my body decided I needed something else to add to my list, and I started the morning coughing up blood! I spent 3 hours waiting at our out of hours docs (WestCall) in the hospital, to be told I have a virus! I was actually really glad and relieved that it wasn't something more dreadful!!

Then a couple of nights ago I developed a searing pain running down my left side - starting from my hip and going mainly up my back. I think it's a trapped nerve (sciatica is that the right word??) This has left me in loads of pain, and not able to get a good nights sleep :( Some of my family think that the baby might be squishing a nerve or something??

So there we have it, baby and body seem intent on slowing me down even more - though I don't know how that is possible, heehee!

Oh, to end with a plus, I have managed to take or pick up Little Man from Pre-school every day this week, so not a total disaster ;)

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Making plans

I'm really good at this!
I have numerous lists of things that I need to do, or want to do all neatly written down in my notebook (I LOVE my notebook, I use it to remember everything!! At the moment, baby brain is so bad I have no other option, heehee!)
However, a lot of the time, my lists of things to do remains just that, a list!
(though I must just say, my list of pressies to buy for x-mas is all crossed off!!)

So, I have been doing lots of thinking, as insomnia is really bad with the big bump and toilet trips in the night, so I have plenty of thinking time ;) and I have decided to try and have days to do certain things.
At the moment, where I am just sooo tired, I can't guarantee what kind of day I'm going to be having, so until the baby arrives, I'm going to have weekend and weekday jobs ;)

During the week I am planning to:
Fill the dishwasher every night
Make cards (especially x-mas ones at the moment, as I haven't started them yet and I want to make most of my close friends and family cards this year!)
Clean the downstairs toilet and basin
Try and hoover upstairs and downstairs (though probably not the same day, as it leaves me sooo knackered, heehee!)
Pick up Little man from Pre-School (with so little sleep at the moment, I just can't get up in time to take him :(  )
Have lots of play time and fun with Little man!!

Then during the weekend I  want to:
Clean the bathroom toilet and basin
Do some baking with Little man - cakes or biscuits for lunches and snacks during the week. Today we are going to make Shrewsbury biscuits :)
Have some family fun! Some special time with hubby :)
Write a blog - as I find it really therapeutic (after all, that was why I started blogging!!) and catch up with the other blogs that I don't get sent through e-mails.

So there you have my 'ultimate plan' - I'll let you know next week how I'm doing ;)

Monday, 12 November 2012

The Ups and Downs of this pregnancy!

Well, again it has been an absolute age since I last had my last blog - bad me!
The pregnancy is going to take the blame for this though, as it has been very hard!

I don't remember it being quite as hard as this when I was pregnant with Little Man, but I suppose that time I was sick for 17 weeks and didn't have a 3 year old to look after at the same time ;)

I always get the bad bits over first and end with the good, so here are the more negative aspects of my pregnancy this time!

The Downs:
I am soooo tired all the time! Yet I don't manage to sleep at night :(
This is due to the amount of times I need to drag myself to the loo, and that I am soooo huge (hubby has already compared me to a beached whale!) that it is really uncomfy trying to sleep on my sides - especially with trying to heave myself from one side to the other - I have never been able to sleep in one position ;)

I have had 2 trips to the hospital with bleeds, which have been really scary! (especially as I had the miscarriage last Christmas!)
The first turned out to be an infection, and the second was just 'one of those things'!

I now have gestational diabetes :( :( :(
This means that I have had to get used to stabbing my finger 2x a day, plus extra blood tests :(
On the plus side of this thought, my fear of needles is not as bad as before! :)

My depression has been a complete nightmare!
I have had suicidal thoughts (thankfully they passed quickly!!), nights of crying myself to sleep, terribly low mood and feelings of self-loathing, worthlessness and that I have no future to look forward to! The crowning low point had to be when I was feeling ill and depressed and I told hubby that I wanted him to move in with his parents as I was feeling neglected!!

Phew, that's done now! onto the better bits!!

The Ups!
My family have been amazing at helping me look after Little Man when I couldn't, and giving me all the love and support I needed through the tougher times!

Little Man has had some lovely moments lately! Firstly in sorting through his toys (we've never sold any of them!) to give some to the baby - which was sooo cute!
Secondly all the little kisses and chats he's had with baby - which is (according to him) in my tummy button!!

On the good days, I have managed to do some chores and jobs round the house - washing, hoovering and the dishwasher. It might not seem a lot, but I was finally happy at being able to help, as I know mum and hubby have been taking the strain more, as I've been so bad.
We have also had a massive tidy up of Little Man's toys, which were getting everywhere!! They are now all in his bedroom, except for one 4 drawer stack and a box of his Lego in the living room! His room may now look like a tip, but the rest of the house is much better! :)

We've still had some great family times!
Little man has been really creative lately. We've made pictures with stickers; cards for mum, hubby and grandad with his 'snipping' and sticking scrap card and salt dough models which we then painted!
We've been playing more games too! Loads of role play with his cars (his favourite thing at the moment) plus playing with a game I found in a charity shop 'Shopping List' by Orchard toys - which he loves!!
We've managed shopping trips (for pressies), 3 birthday parties and trips to the lakes :)

Finally, I am really happy that I have nearly done all of our Christmas shopping!! (only 3 left to get!)
Although baby is due on 28th Dec, for some reason I am convinced that s/he will be early, so I'm being prepared ;)

So there you have it, the good and bad of my pregnancy this time round!
I had to save the best thing for last;
I'm finally nearly there!!! 33 weeks and counting :)

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Baby bump sure likes to keep us on our toes!

Yesterday was a little bit eventful!
I had a very slight bleed in the morning, with a tiny clot (sorry tmi) and was worried, but as it stopped, we all (mum and hubby and me) thought that it would be fine.
We went to a lovely little country crafty fair and walked about a fair bit. My favourite was the re-enactment groups - all dressed up in period costume and little man got to 'stamp' an old fashioned coin!
Then, as I'd only had about 4 hours sleep the night before, I went for a lovely long nap!
When I woke again, I had another bleed, so we got in contact with WestCall (our local out-of-hours docs) and they wanted to see me at hospital.
Little man went to stay with nanny and grandad, as I really didn't want to take him to hospital. Then, hubby, mum and me set off for hospital.
I was hooked up for a trace and had the monitor thingy on my bump, but little baby bump was soooo wriggly that I had to keep chasing him/her to keep the trace going!
The doctor examined me and everything looked fine and no more blood, which was such a relief! He said that sometimes with growing and moving, little bleeds can occur! So after 2 hours in total, we all made our way home, little man stayed over at nanny's with his cousin Sean - which was lovely!
This baby sure likes us to know that s/he is there with these little scares ;)
Now, I'm just going to take it a little easier - I've had a lovely relaxing day with my crafty magazine and catching up with e-mails etc :)

Sunday, 23 September 2012

I'm sooo proud!

The Dummy Fairy visited little man last night!
This morning we opened an envelope and read a special  letter together. Then we found a special bag for the dummy to go in for the fairy to collect, if he was feeling brave enough.
The minute we finished the letter, little man put his dummy straight in the bag and said 'goodbye dodo!' It was soo cute, and way more than I had expected!

Little man with his letter and dummy ready for the fairy!
So, I have decided that he will have to have the little certificate AND pressie tonight, as I am so impressed!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Dummy Fairy

Little man had his first visit to the dentist last week and although he has lovely clean teeth, she did say that he needed to give up his dummies, as he was starting to get a slight over-bite.
I had been ready for this day, as from the day he was born, I wanted him to have a dummy instead of his thumb or fingers to comfort him, so that eventually he could give them up.
I sucked my thumb when I was little and it was the worst thing trying to stop. In the end I ended up with braces at the age of 10, with prongs in them to help me stop. This brace was followed by train-tracks and head gear, in total 3 years of pain and misery! Something I vowed I would never want my own children to go through.

Kindly the dentist and the dental nurse suggested that I try using the 'dummy fairy' which had worked well for their other clients over the years.
I had vaguely heard of the dummy fairy, but not really as much as the tooth fairy.
This made my little imagination spark and I started to create a little story about a boy who gets visited by the dummy fairy. I looked on google, to check if my idea had already been done and I didn't really find anything that I had been thinking about, so I got cracking!
I have just finished writing it!
Part of the story had a letter from the dummy fairy, so I have re-created it and added more colour to use with my little man tonight!

The next few nights will put the story into 'real life' with little man!
Think I'm going to need a lot of prayers for the difficult nights ahead, when little man says goodbye to his beloved 'dodo's'!
Wish us luck!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Listography: Top 5 Truths (according to women)

I have so missed taking part in Listography, so when the lovely Kate over at Kate Takes 5 posted this weeks list, I thought I should have another go!

This week it about the Top 5 Truths (according to women).
I think that along my journey to 30, I have managed to pick up a few things - and am sure I have many more to learn in the years to follow ;)

1. What goes around, comes around
I am a great believer in Karma! I have often seen that those who do good are rewarded (be it small recognition or lovely surprises!) and those negative / evil / nasty people will get their comeuppance eventually!!

2. Moderation is key
My Grannie always told me to eat a little of everything you like, as you only have one life (unless you believe otherwise) so you might as well enjoy eating your favourite things and be happy! I've tried so many diets where I've denied myself this and that, and have never managed to stick to any of them - leaving me feeling even worse than before! So, I'm going to stick to my Grannie's plan from now on ;)

3. Age is irrelevant!
I have always had friends of all ages. When I was younger, some of my closest friends were at least 10 years older than me and it never mattered! I also think that when choosing a partner, the older you get, the less age matters. For example my brother's girlfriend is 5 years older than him and you wouldn't know it!
It also applies to the well known saying 'you're as old as you feel' - though on some days I feel about 100, so that isn't always a good thing, heehee!

4. There are different types of friends in your life.
When I was younger, I used to worry a lot about being 'accepted' and 'liked' at school. Then one day, I just stopped worrying and decided that I would be 'me' and people would either like me or then wouldn't and that was fine!
I also found later on, that there are different types of friends;
There your friends for life; people that you meet (sometimes when you're really little) who will always be there for you, who you don't have to see or talk to often, but when you do catch up it's as if you've never been apart.
The 'comet' friends; those who come and brighten your life for a brief time, then fade and drift away again.
'Fair weather friends' who you might see once in a while for a coffee, or comment on their pictures and posts on facebook.
Some you see every week, some once a year, but all have a special place in your life!

5. Everyone is flawed.
We might look at our friends or family and wish that we had their gorgeous wavy hair, or their ability to handle really stressful situations, or their perfectly behaved children etc. The strange thing is that they will be doing exactly the same thing! No one is ever completely satisfied with themselves or their lot in life and will always be looking around and wishing for something else!
So I like to think that 'perfection' is a myth! We all have our strengths (and weaknesses!) and we should try and take a note of them once in a while!

There you have it, my attempt at truths I have learnt so far!
Make sure you check out some other lists over at Kate Takes 5

So grown up!

We were very excited today, as it was little man's very first 'proper' session at Pre-School!

We had a lovely early night last night (which hasn't happened in quite a while, heehee!) so it only took a few minutes to persuade him that he needed to get up and get ready for school :)
Unfortunately, my alarms didn't help again today! I slept through 2 on the radio clock and then the one on my phone didn't go off at all, but oh well, we weren't late thank goodness!

Here he is in his gorgeous little uniform, which I think he called 'unicorn' but the effort was there ;)
he was hiding in this one, heehee!

my yummy grown up boy :)

We had a little taster session last week, where I got to stay too - it was brilliant! I think I had as much fun as little man, heehee!

Neither of us were worried today, i explained that he was going to school and that he could play with all the toys again. That I would go home and then when they had had story and rhyme time I would come back and pick him up.
I got a cuddle and kissey and then I left him happily playing with glittery playdoh!

What was really nice was that I had a little chat with the mum of a little girl we met last week, plus Aiden's old childminder was dropping off a little boy, so I had a chat with her too :)

Well, I have to pop back and get him in a minute, but I've enjoyed my morning of undisturbed computer time and a coffee!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Life has been really up and down!

Wow, I can hardly believe that September has arrived already!
Things have been really up and down at the moment - I feel like I'm on a huge emotional roller coaster!

On the down side, my depression and the pregnancy have been really hard to cope with :(
It's been a really tough few weeks:
 I've been really tired and unable to sleep properly at night (due to needing to wee about 12 times!) My dreams are being plagued again by the horrible man in black (he's the manifestation of my depression) who hurts me and even threw me out of a third storey window!
I've been having arguments with hubby about the amount of times he keeps going out, without even thinking about me or little man, and whether we might like to actually spend some time with him.
I haven't managed to get to therapy in a month, due to illness and not being able to face anyone!
I have been having terrible thoughts about being a burden, not wanting to be here anymore, not being able to see past having baby - it's been like seeing a huge black void, there's been nothing there - no future at all.
Tears a plenty!

Thankfully, the last couple of days have been slightly better!
I completely broke down and told everything to mum (she caught me crying the other night) and I think that has helped a lot. I then talked to hubby and explained how things are bad for me at the moment, so he's being a lot more understanding and thinking about discussing our plans together, before he just goes out, which is brilliant!
The man in black seems to have gone away again, which I am so happy about!!!
Finally, I've had some lovely dreams about the baby and plans for next year!

Not everything has been a total disaster though, as even through the bad times, I have still managed to do quite a few things with little man:
We've made paper mache - which was a disaster, but lots of fun, heehee!
Started going swimming on Saturdays with little man, hubby and mum.
Been to the beach twice (I drove there and back the second time, which was 4 hours in total - I felt very proud!)
We've been playing games like matching pairs / the tray game, completing his Charley Bear sticker magazine (which he got as a treat for how well he's been doing with potty training!) we even had a go at little man's Winnie the Pooh CD-ROM games today.

So there we are. I'm now on the upward climb, hoping that things with continue to improve and level out!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Dear Little man

Well, as hard as it is for me to believe, you are now 3 years old!
So many changes have taken place this year!

busy 'working'!
Here's you on your 2nd birthday:

Now look at you on you 3rd!

So grown up!

I can't believe how time had just flown by!
So, what have you done this year?

You've had a go at baking bread, lots of fun with playdoh, drawing, painting and messing around in your sand pit in the garden. Though I must admit, I wish I was braver to do more 'messy' play times with you! (I promise to try harder from now on!)

You are getting so grown up - you'll now have showers, if I sit in the bath with you! You only need a little help now to get dressed (and you like to pick out some of the clothes you wear) and can almost do your sandles without any help at all! You have also recently started potty training and are doing really well, wearing your 'big boy pants' :)

We've had lots of trips out with our friends:
lunches around Alexis, Mandy, Andrea or Katherine's houses
play days with Emerald, Dave and Skye, and Harriet and Rosie - where we've been exploring the lakes, having fun at Krazy Klub, or just playing in the garden.

We've also had lots of fun with family:
Holiday in Wales with Grannie and Grandad, (and me and Daddy of course!)
Day trip to Marwell Zoo with me and Daddy
Day trip to Baslidon Park with ALL the family!
Street Party to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee
Sleep overs at Nanny and Grandad's house, with Sean
Trips to the farm to see Uncle Stuart, Aunty Sarah, Sean and Charlie.

You have some new favourites now - you love playing with Grandad and a puppet called Cow! You still love cars, trucks, puzzles, reading, anything Cars 2 related and blowing bubbles. Since your birthday, you now have a giant trampoline that you adore and a space-hopper that you are actually quite good on!

I'm sure that there are many things that I have forgotten, but at least I have an excuse - baby brain! You are going to become a big brother in December! We have been talking to the 'baby in there' as you call it - deciding that it's currently in my tummy button, which I just LOVE! You have also got a 'baby' in your tummy, as you keep telling everyone to mind your tummy, as we'll hurt your baby! You have decided that you want to have a little sister, though we will have to wait until December to find out!

Here are just a couple of my favourite pictures from the year:

in your den

Fireman 'Sam'

at the lakes

I love your laugh!

on holiday

playing in the garden

my 2 gorgeous boys!

Monday, 13 August 2012

How bad am I?

I just realised that it had been absolutely ages since I have blogged - or even gone near the computer! Bad me!!

I think that since I got my new phone, where I can access facebook, I haven't remembered that e-mails and blogging still require me to get to the computer!!

Anywho, soooo much has happened since I last blogged - so I'll have to do the short version and expand with more posts if needed - with pictures that I can't find at the moment ;)

  • Little man is now 3! I can't believe how time flies!! He had a little family outing to the bowling alley and then pizza hut for tea.
  • Little man is starting Pre-School in September! I received a letter saying that he has 2 morning and and extra afternoon session a week - I'm soo excited and also really nervous - my little baby is growing up so fast - small sob!
  • I have left my job! My depression and the pregnancy have not been getting along together, so something had to give! I'm not really missing work yet, I'm trying to be more useful to everyone around the house instead! Then once baby 2 arrives, I am going to look for lots of help on jobs that would be compatible with my depression!
  • Baby 2 is doing really well - I'm now 20 weeks and had my scan this morning :) Just like Little man, this baby was not being 100% cooperative! Little man had his legs crossed and over his head, this baby was lying on his / her tummy! I had to do some jumping (it didn't help) then ended up going for a walk and a drink to nudge baby into turning round, so that the nurse could look properly at her / his heart! We're not finding out if it's a boy or girl!! I've decided girl, whilst everyone else is for boy - probably because ALL of hubby's family are boys ;)
baby at 20 weeks :)
Ok, I can't remember what else has been going on - my brain is so mushy, I am really forgetful at the moment! It can get a little frustrating at times, especially when I'm trying to have a conversation with someone and the words keep escaping me - even the simple ones!!

I am aiming to keep up with my blog a bit better now - especially now I'm a SAHM!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

100 books update.

Since becoming pregnant, I have been so tired, that my usual reading routine at bedtime had completely gone out of the window!
Now that I've made it to 14 weeks, I feel so much better that my reading has gone back to normal - although I'm not so confident that I'm going to manage the 100 books target - I'll still give it my best shot!
I've also remembered that I haven't updated my list in a little while, so I thought I'd better, while I can still remember what I've read ;)

I had a bit of a Jane Austen spree, as I do when I feel poorly - so I will add the rest of the books she wrote to my list.

The other books I have read are:

Never look away, by Linwood Barclay.
I was out of books to read, so I had a look through my mums massive collection and this looked quite good. It wasn't the usual kind of book that I like, but a readable book none the less. Full of tension and twists, that kept me guessing till the very end.

Stones of Fire, by CM Palov.
Being on holiday in Wales at the moment, I unfortunately didn't think that I would finish the previous book in the 2 weeks. As I had completed it in about 4 days, I had nothing else to read. So a trip to Newtown gave me the opportunity to scour some charity shops and I came across this book.
Exactly my cup of tea - it was so good that I devoured the 560 pages in only 5 nights of reading. Palov is now def going to be added to my list of authors to read more of!

So there we go. Am now onto Middlemarch by George Elliot, which I'm not too sure about, but at £1 from another charity shop, I'm not going to complain.

Monday, 18 June 2012

I've made it to 12 weeks!

I'm soooo happy at the moment!I had my 12 week scan today and here is our gorgeous little baby!

S/he was really good and was really still for all the important measurements - we had one little somersault and lots of little wiggles too :)
After the sad events at Christmas last year, it is such a relief to see that our baby is fine - all hands, feet etc that it should have a a tiny little heart fluttering on the screen!
They have put my due date at around the 28th December and I am just sooo excited now!
Little man has seen the picture and he has been gently patting my tummy and saying 'hello baby in there' which I thought was sooo adorable!!
The sickness that I've had seems to have gone now - so I am starting to 'enjoy' being pregnant - even though I am already really huge - so much so that lots of friends (leading up to my scan today) have been trying to persuade me that I have 2 / 3 up to 8 little babies, heehee!
I'll keep you posted of our progress :)

Saturday, 16 June 2012


The lovely Jennifer over at Jennifer's Little World has tagged me in a 'why?' meme, so as I hardly ever get tagged in anything, I thought I'd have a go!

Here are the rules:

1. Post your whys – as few or as many as you like.

2. Link up your post here over at Mummy Central, and it would be great if you could leave a comment too.

3. Tag 5 bloggers to keep this going.

4. If you’re not a blogger, leave your whys as a comment below. I'd love to read them.

5. Show your support by reading a few others and commenting on them.
So here are my Why's:
  • Why is it always me that gets all the bugs / colds etc?
  • Why does little man have to come and sleep in my bed half way through the night, instead of staying in his own bed?
  • Why can I never stick to my 'goals' or new years resolutions?
  • Why do the 'normal' high street clothes shops never stock maternity clothes in bigger sizes than 20?
  • Why can't we have lovely sunny summers for a change?
  • Why couldn't little man miss the 'terrible 2's'?
  • Why can't hubby win the lottery and pay off all our debts?
Right I'm off to have a look at some other people's why lists :)

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Wow! How long ago was I last here??

I have been thinking that my little blog has been rather neglected lately - but at least for the best excuse!
I am now 11 weeks pregnant and have really been suffering with nausea, sickness and my depression!

I got signed off from work for 2 weeks and am finally back to being 'me' :)
I managed my first shift back at work on Thursday and was utterly exhausted at the end! I'm just hoping that it will be better tomorrow - I might have to ask for some little breaks, as 5-6 hours waitressing without a break is hard going!

My first shocker of being pregnant today! I had to get measured for new bras as mine really hurt and as money is very tight I thought I'd get maternity ones now. The lady had to order my size in - I've got sooo much bigger :( oh well, hope it will all go away again once the baby arrives and I put in a lot of work, heehee!
I can't believe how huge I already feel - I've had to start wearing my mum's old nickers from when she was a lot bigger, as mine no longer fit :( oh dear oh dear!!

At least I have started to feel a lot more excited about the baby now :)
When my depression was really bad, I thought that this was a terrible thing to have done, as I was never going to be able to cope, etc etc!
I hope now that as I'm feeling better, I can see a much more positive future instead!
I'm still not 100% easy about everything, but once I have the scan on the 18th, I'm sure I will feel much better :)

Now, I need to go and have a little nap - I am sooo tired lately - but I'll take that over the sickness, no problem!! ;)

Saturday, 28 April 2012

S is for 'Shhh... it's a secret'

For my first A-Z blog , I am starting with some very exciting news, that we found out today!
I'm pregnant again! But, 'Shhh.. it's a secret!'

We have decided to be super quiet about it this time (and not blab all over facebook like hubby did last time!) so we are only telling family and very close friends.
However, as I'm so excited, I need somewhere to write about it - so I thought, my blog would be perfect!

I am about 5 weeks pregnant and due 27th December!
So far I have only felt really sick (I was very sick when pregnant with little man!)have sore boobs and I think my body has already started to change shape - is that normal for a second??
I'm also really tired and sleeping lots - luckily having lots of people around to help with little man is really helping - def one of the perks from living with my parents ;)

I will be keeping you all updated with how things go :)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A-Z blog prompts from 'Him, me & three'

I have been taking a look at my rather sad blog and realised that lately, the only thing I have posted about has been Kate Takes 5 Listography (not that I don't LOVE it!!) I just felt bad that it seems to be the only thing I have blogged about ;)

I thought it was time to have a look at something new and in my usual way, whilst surfing the blogs I follow, I came across a great idea from Heidi at Him, me & three doing an A-Z as prompts for blogs!

Just like Heidi, I have heard of the A-Z challenge where you post everyday, but her idea was far more relaxed - posting weekly! (which seems to be all I can manage lately!!) I was just so excited about the idea, I had to share!

I will be doing my best to achieve the whole alphabet by Christmas!
I think even I should be able to manage that, heehee!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Listography: wishes for my child

As ever, the lovely Kate from Kate takes 5 has given us another great theme for this weeks listography. If we could have fairy Godmothers bestow our child with 5 wishes, (as in the films Cinderella and Ella Enchanted) and this time we could have a say in them, what would we wish?

My 5 wishes for my Little Man

1) Self confidence and belief.
Not that I want him to be 'big headed' or conceited, just the ability to believe in himself. I have never found it easy to believe that I am capable of doing anything well or particularly good - I always focus on negatives and put myself down (it didn't help with the bullying boss in the past either!) If my little man could have the ability to believe in himself and his strengths, work on his weaknesses and strive to reach his goals, it would make me really happy!

2) Empathy and tolerance.
I believe in this so much! When I was a primary teacher, I used to try and teach this concept, that it doesn't matter where they were from or what they looked like, I would always treat the the same - usually with an example like 'It wouldn't matter if you were black or white, or purple with green hair and originally from Mars! I will treat you exactly the same!'
All those famous sayings spring to mind as well; ' never judge a book by its cover', 'never judges a man, until you have walked a mile in his shoes' (or something like that). I would love my little man to 'treat others as he would like to be treated himself' To embrace similarities and differences that make us unique and special - and the world a far more interesting place!

3) A sense of humour.
My family have a truly wicked sense of humour, heehee! It helps get you through those bad times ;)

4) Love and happiness.
I have never wanted the big career, lots of expensive possessions etc etc. For as long as I can remember, I just wanted to be happy and content with my life. For my little man, I would hope that he had the ability to love others, and hopefully find that special someone to spend the rest of his life with. Then, 'to be happy with his lot in life - friends, family, career, hobbies... and the rest! Also to be have interests and pursuits that he loves, that add to his happiness!

5) Fun!
We only have one life, so we need to make the most of it! I think in previous years, I was so caught up in the stresses and pressures of life - work, money, more about money, illness etc etc I used to forget to stop once in a while and just enjoy things!
So, maybe for my little man to have the talent to find time to kick back and have some fun! (I am getting better, but still at the 'work in progress' stage!)

That was actually a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, heehee!

Right, off to see what other people wished for their kids!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Listography: Top 5 albums by male solo artists

As ever, the lovely Kate over at Kate takes 5 has given us another great theme for this weeks listography! I love listening to music, although, in trying to complete this weeks list, I have come to realise that I mainly listen to bands and female solo artists!!
However, I love a challenge and with a lot of rifling through my CDs, I have managed to find my top 5 male solo artists :)

1. Richard Marx - Greatest Hits
image from here
I remember that 'Hazard' was one of the first cassette tapes I ever bought myself! On the other side happened to be another song of his that I absolutely love 'Right Here Waiting', which became my wedding song! Hubby and I spent 4 years apart, whilst I was at Uni (we got engaged just before I left) and hubby had been right at home, waiting for me! I got this song played at my 30th birthday party on Saturday as well :)

2. Bryan Adams - Best of Me
image from here
Ever since I heard the song 'All for Love' from the Disney film 'The Three Musketeers' I have loved Bryan Adams!
I used to listen to his music all the time when trying to get through writing my assignments at Uni!
Still love listening to him when I'm busy crafting :)

3. Andrea Boccelli - Romanza
image from here

I do love a huge range of music! Andrea Boccelli is my favourite classical artist!
I always listen to music when I'm 'playing' on the computer and Andrea Boccelli is one of my favourites for late night, relaxing sessions :)

4. Michael Buble - It's Time
image from here
I love listening to some of the 'golden oldies' from the 40's / 50's and think that Michael Buble has done wonders for re-introducing a new generation to the magic of 'Big Bands' and Jazz music.

Up to this point, I had no trouble in finding the artists that I really liked!
It came a close run between Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson, but in the end, Michael Jackson won!
(sentiment won in the end!)

so 5. Michael Jackson - The complete Michael Jackson: Epic Music
image from here

I don't care what opinion people have about Michael Jackson as a person. I loved him when I was little and I love him still now!

So there you have it, my top 5 male artists.

Right, I'm off to have a look and see who made it to the top 5 of other lists!

Friday, 6 April 2012

See you later 20's!

I can't believe it, I am going to be 30 tomorrow!It doesn't seem that long ago that I was just finishing school and excited about the thought of going off to Uni and starting the big adventure that has been my 20's!
So many things have happened in the last decade (wow, it seems such a long time when I say it, a whole 10 years!!)

The achievements and good bits:
Completing my 4 year teaching degree (22)
Getting married to my gorgeous hubby (22)
Moving into our first little house (22)
Getting my teaching job (22) - it was a REALLY busy 6 months, heehee!
Giving birth to my amazing Little Man (27)
Getting Little Man Christened (28)
Setting up my own little crafting business (28/29)
Loads of lovely family holidays and outings
Numerous trips and laughs with friends
Beating some phobias - tattoo (for fear of needles), holding a Chilean rose tarantula, holding 2 snakes (though not at the same time, heehee!), completing an aerial assault course!
Finding a part time job and hours that I can manage, whilst still feeling valued and contributing to the family earnings.

The not so god bits:
The last of my grandparents passing away
Depression resurfacing
Having to leave the teaching profession
Having to sell our little home and move back in with my parents
 Loosing touch with some good friends from Uni, though not knowing why - as I repeatedly sent messages, but took the hint when I never got any replies!

So many changes! I can't believe how different I am from my 20 year old self!
I have absolutely no regrets and even the sad events have helped to shape and make me the person I am today.  I feel so much more content and confident in myself and my strengths, rather than someone who always focuses on the negatives!

If I could go back to offer some advice to my 20 year old self it would be to relax and stop stressing so much! That I can't control or plan everything. The future is forever changing and it's not scary, it's the path I'm supposed to travel, even if it's not where I thought I would end up!

I My best friend C and I are having a joint 30th party tomorrow and I'm so excited! We have been friends for about 23 years now, and we had a joint 18th party, (she's 6 days younger than me!)
I will make sure to add lots of piccies!!

So, see you later 20's, hello 30's!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Book Chick City's 10+ Books in a Year (so far)

As I started this challenge late, I thought I had better list the books that I have managed to read so far, maybe with a few thoughts (if I can think of any!) as I'm not good at writing proper 'reviews' ;)

By Terry Pratchett:
The Colour of Magic
The Light Fantastic
Equal Rites
Wyrd Sisters
Guards! Guards!
Moving Pictures
Reaper Man
Witches Abroad
The Dark Side of the Sun
I was looking for something different to read and my mum suggested these (she's got ALL of them!) Once I'd started I had to keep going! Unfortunately a friend of mums has the next book in the series, so I had to take a break!

by Veronica Henry:
Wild Oats
An Eligible Bachelor
Again some books of mums (she's in one of those book clubs where you get sent a load at a time) These are really easy reads - 'chick books' as I call them! I loved them!!

by Tom Harper:
The Book of Secrets
The Mosaic of Shadows
I found this author when browsing at the library and I really enjoyed the historical mysteries!

by Chris Kuzneski:
Sign of the Cross
The Lost Throne
The Prophecy
Sword of God
Another author I found when browsing in the library and I love him! He writes amazing mysteries again with the historical links that I love! His 2 main characters Jonathon Payne and David Jones are just brilliant!

The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins I've has this for ages, but only just got round to reading it - I did find the narratives from the different characters quite a different style to what I'm used to. Not bad though!
The Pilgrims Progress by Bunyan I've started a 'classical reads' challenge (my own). I found this really hard going, but worth it in the end! A real journey that re-ignited my faith, that I lost a while back
Not Married, Not Bothered by Carol Clewlow another 'chick read', not bad though
The Model Wife by Julia Llewellyn A 'chick read' that I really enjoyed!
Warning of Gales by Annie Sanders I had to have 2 separate goes at reading this book, as I couldn't get into it! Not bad, but not my favourite
Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen I love Jane Austen and have read and re-read all of her works! They now live in my bedside locker and are my favourite reads when I'm feeling a little low, or have just finished a book and don't have a new one! Northanger Abbey is a brilliant read, one of my all time favourite Austen books.
The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse I have read the Labrynth and Sepulcre and loved them both, so thought that I would try another. It was a really good read, but Labrynth remains my favourite!

As you can see, I like a huge range of genres - however my all time favourites must be those about 'the Knights Templars' and similar mysteries with historical links, classics and 'chick reads'. However, I'm on a personal quest to try new things, so who knows what might end up next on my list?

So that's 29 books so far (well,  the ones I can remember anyway!) which I don't think is that bad, as we're a quarter of the way through the year - if I carry on like this, I should make it to the 100 goal!

Happy reading to all you fellow 'book-worms!'

image taken from here

Monday, 2 April 2012

Book Chick City's 100+ Books in a Year

I just happened to be doing my normal nose through the Parent Bloggers Network, when I saw this badge on fab40foibles and I was so excited I had to find out what it was!

I am on my reading quest this year and I thought how brilliant would it be to join in and share with others! I'm not sure if I'll make the 100 goal, but as I love reading, it won't hurt to track my progress!!
I have already read quite a few books, so I'll have to get listing them!

 Click here to find out more or join in the challenge yourself!

Listography: April Goals

The lovely Kate over at Kate takes 5 has given us another great theme this week - 5 goals for April.
It reminded me that all that time ago, I made some goals at the end of 2011. This has been great reminder to see how I'm actually doing - and to get my butt into gear on making my dreams and goals a reality!

1. I am going to make a really big effort with my business 'Happy Crafting'. I have been making a few cards over the last few days, but I think I can do better! I aim to make at least one bag and maybe 10 cards a week  to start with, then see how I go from there.

2. I will get an exercise routing going! I was really excited about the idea that I might be able to join in a Zumba class with a friend, but I've now got an extra shift that night of the week. However, she does do a Boxercise class, maybe I should sign up for that instead??
Me and my Wii fit will be getting re-acquainted as soon as possible!! Maybe I'll manage a session this evening, when Little man has gone to sleep??

3. Have an outing with Little man at least once a week. I've been getting much better at trying to do things with Little man outside of the house / garden! We've been to our local lakes, out for a family lunch and to the local park. I just need to keep doing something with him, as else I feel terribly guilty when he is stuck at home all the time - not that he minds (as long as he can make castles in his sand box / table thingy!) I just want to give him lots of different experiences, before he goes off to Pre-school in September! I'm liking the idea of Geocashing, and possibly swimming with friends and their kids, with more trips to the lakes and parks too. If anyone has any other cheap / free suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

4. Remain positive now that we're trying for baby 2. It took us 2 1/2 years for me to fall pregnant with Little man. Now that I'm in a new job, feeling loads better and less stressed, I hope that it won't take that long again! I know not to stress too much about it and that it will happen when it's supposed to, so I'm aiming to remain positive and keep my faith that number 2 will arrive soon! (fingers crossed!)

5. Get a house cleaning system sorted ! We've been living back with my parents for 1 1/2 years now and in that time I have been really really poorly. However, now that I am better it's time for me to pull my weight more with the chores - so I have been doing the hoovering of late. I think I'll become the 'cleaner' of the house, so that my mum only then has to do the cooking (I'm exceptionally bad at cooking!!) and we share the washing duties!!

Well there we go - still some of the same goals I had to start 2012, but a great time to get a reminder and another 'kick-start' that I needed!

Right, I'm off to have a little look at some other people's April goals!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

What a great week!

I'm starting to feel guilty that I haven't blogged for a while! Over the last week a lots of things have been going on!

Work is going much better and thanks to these brilliant little pills called Vitabiotics Immunace and garlic (odourless) that I have started taking to boost my immune system, I am feeling so so much better!
I have more energy, I can get up easier and earlier in the morning - so a much happier me all

My boss offered me another shift at work to do pot washing on a Weds -  so I'll now be waitressing Sundays and Thursday and pot washer on Weds. I'm so grateful to have my job, especially as I love it!!

My gorgeous hubby bought me these, just because he felt like it!

Little man has been having loads of fun this week in his sand table thingy! He likes making castles and has come in nearly every day covered in wet sand with a huge beaming grin! We also made it to the park on his trike thingy, so am feeling a little bit better about my aims to do more things with him!

I have been out loads this weekend!!
On Friday we went out with hubby's friend from work and his Mrs. We went to Nandos for a yummy dinner and then onto the cinema. We watched Wrath of the Titans (which I though was quite good) whilst eating a tub of Ben and Jerry's - I was in heaven! I have now found that not only do I love the 'fisch food' flavour, the raspberry brownie flavour is amazing too!

Then we went round to Nanny's house yesterday to wish her a happy birthday. Little man had a whale of a time charging about with his older cousin, whilst I sat smiling and chatting to his baby cousin! It was really noisy, but really nice!

For a treat, we went to the pub where I worked with Grannie and Grandad and had a gorgeous family lunch! The staff were lovely, the food amazing - what more could you want??
In the evening, hubby and me went down the pub to meet some friends from my work. I spent most of the night in stitches, it was such a laugh! I haven't done anything like that in such a long time and it felt really good! I can get quite nervous at night time, am weary of everyone (I think I watch way too many crime TV shows!!) but I felt happy and safe, so can't wait to go out again soon!

Little man has also started to develop his helping and tidying skills this week:
Grannie helping Little man hoover the messy bits ;)

I got a little side tracked in the middle of writing this, as Little man wanted to do his play-doh and it looked so much fun I had to join in!!
in the Night Garden Play-Doh kit

my favourite bit!

Little man's favourite bit!

ok, so the colours have all blended, but we had great fun!!

The other thing this week,  was that the tax man gave ME some money!!!! £98, thank you very much!
We have decided to put it towards getting a really big trampoline for the garden, that we can all have fun on!!

This coming week is going to be busy preparing for my joint party on Saturday, when me and my best friend are turning the big 30! I can't wait!!!

I have just realised that this might sound like a load of 'reviews' but I don't do them, so everything I've mentioned is my own thoughts alone - I promise :)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Top Ten Songs

The lovely Ella over at Purple Mum has listed her top 10 songs and I wanted to share mine (well some of them - as have loads!) too!

I have a huge range of music that I love listening too - I always have to have music on, especially when I'm 'playing' on the computer, heehee! I also go through phases of what I like to listen to - at the moment country is coming out tops :)

So here are 10 songs I love at the moment:

1. 'Who I am' by Jessica Andrews - I have always loved this song as the opening credit theme tune to the TV show Sue Thomas FB Eye, so this week I finally looked it up on Spotify and am hooked!

2. 'Vivo por Elle (Vivo Per Lei) by Andrea Bocelli - I listen to Andrea Bocelli when late night 'playing' on the computer - I final classical music really relaxing!

3. 'Travel to Romantis' by Ace of Base - takes me back to my youth! Always makes me feel happy :)
4. 'lullaby' by Nickelback - this is playing at the moment in the car and this is mine (and Little Man's) favourite track.

5. 'Everybody knows' by the Dixie Chicks - the first country band I really got into - through a friend of a friend!

6. 'Bring me to life' by Evanescence - love love love them!

7. 'Pukeae (The Trumpet)' by Oceania - really different!

8. 'Decode' by Paramore - from the soundtrack to Twilight. I looked them up too and again, hooked!

9. 'Still Standing' by the Rasmus - taking me back a little into my younger days!

10. 'Wherever you will go' by the Calling - another bans I recently found, I think it's the theme song to a TV show, but can't remember which one!

So there you have it - a brief glimpse into the weird and wonderful music that I love!

(don't forget to pop over and check out Purple Mum 's list out too!)

Good times :)

It's been a brilliant week so far!
Now that I'm only working 2 shifts at work and am taking all of my extra pills to boost my immune system, I have more energy! I am not as tired and can get up and stay up much earlier (8.30 today, instead of 11 - 12!) So I'm feeling quite proud of myself :)
Just wanted to share some little man piccies from this week - having fun playing golf with daddy, a range of very silly moments (my little nutter!) and the his little obsession! He is obsessed with lining all his toys up at the moment - all have to be touching and in just the right place - hmmm... sounds like someone might have caught a bit of my OCD???

obviously wanted to get every last little morsel!

a new hat??

lining them all up

the latest thing to do with a cushion!?!

see how they're all touching - he's not even 3 yet, but so precise!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Listography: 5 reasons I know I'm a...

tad obsessive!

The lovely Kate over at Kate takes 5 has given us a very broad list this week and I have chosen to share my little obsessions (of the OCD variety) and the routines that I have to follow, or I get all out of sync!

1. Locking doors - I have a terrible obsession with checking that I have locked doors. When I get out of the car, I have to press the lock button at least 10 times to make sure it really is locked - even though I can hear the 'clunk' and see the lights flashing!
At night, every time I go into the kitchen and pass the back door, I have to check that it's locked by trying the handle 3 times - even though I can see the bolts are across!!

2. My Internet 'routine' (which I always do in this order!!) I have mozilla open and turn it to facebook. I then open explorer and turn to my e-mails (I then switch between the 2) When my e-mails are sorted, I open another tab and then check the following; my blogger dashborad, Netmums Parent Bloggers Network pages, then Netmums chat pages - usually the coffee lounge! (again whilst still switching back and forth to facebook!)

(OMG - just these 2 make me sound completely nutts!! Oh well, I've started now so I'll finish!)

3. My bedtime 'routine' (how sad am I!!) I always go and turn my radio to classic fm and turn the bedside light on. Then I get in my jammies. I go to the bathroom and go to the toilet, then brush my teeth, then cleanse, tone etc my face! Next, I go to Little Man's room to say good night, and a little prayer for him. On the way back to my room I say the Lords Prayer ending with kissing the cross on my chain. Then it's off with all my jewellery, take my asthma inhaler, put a few drops on Olbas oil on my jammies top. Finally (I know huge list right!) I set the radio to sleep mode (always in 90 mins) and settle down to read my book!

4. I always have to hang washing out on the line (by the little rule I was taught by a friend's mum) 'hang tops from the bottom and bottoms from the top!'

5. I'm forever apologising! I go round work saying 'sorry' all the time! I have to do it though, even if it's not technically my fault!

Phew, so there you have it! I have now shown how much more of a complete fruit loop I am, then ever before!!!
I'm off to check out some of the other top 5's!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy mothers day!

tantrum taken from
Well, what a start we have had in our house this morning!
Little man has had a tantrum for 2 hours!!! He wouldn't brush his teeth for Grannie, so I took over and he was still not interested in being a good boy, so he went back to his room! Through his screaming and crying I didn't back down (he had the stair gate across the bedroom door) and let him out until he agreed to do his teeth, have a wash and change his stinky nappy like a good boy! 2 hours later, with lots of cuddles and kisses for finally being a good boy, little man gave in!
This is the first time I have not backed down, just to get him to be quiet and I'm feeling quite proud of myself!

Lets hope the rest of you have had nicer starts to mothers day!
Right, am off to make cards then into work at 4.30 - busy day ;)

Monday, 12 March 2012

How to boost my immune system

I had a meeting with my boss today, to sort me coming back to work and also, my new 2 shifts a week idea. She had lots of ideas on how to boost my immune system, so I've been researching all afternoon and have no got a list of things I need to do:
Eat more fruit, veg and nuts (I'm not too bad at this already! Though need to buy nuts!)
Eat less sugar (This one is really going to hurt - my chocolate relationship of late has been very very bad!)
Meditate  (I already have a CD to try!)
Socialise more (hmmm... not sure about this yet, but will try to get out and see more people)
Walk dogs (I really like the sound of this and have looked up my local Dogs Trust Centre to contact)
Eat probiotic yoghuts (expensive, so might have to give this one a miss)
Get more vitamin D (nothing to say about this one really!)
Get garlic, echinaccea and ginseng supplements (I think will all these pills, I will rattle!!)
Start using Vitabiotics Immunace (hope to find them cheaply somewhere!)
and finally have more sex! (perfect, as we're still trying for baby no2!)

So there you have it! I think if I manage to do this whole list, if my immune system doesn't pick up then it must be totally broken!!

Friday, 9 March 2012

What a week!

Well, it has been a while since I blogged but with the week I've had I hope you can understand why!I started off with a huge mental melt down - I was back to sobbing and suicidal! I think my poor little body had had just about enough of illness after illness and being exhausted and tired all the time and just flipped an 'off' switch.
Unfortunately I couldn't see my own doctor, so saw another one who signed me off for a whole month!
My boss (already not happy with how much time I've had off for illnesses) wasn't going to be impressed - so anxiety kicked in as well, just to make it all so much worse!
My lovely deputy manager Dave (has similar depression problem) took me for coffee on Monday and really helped! Then I had loads of messages form friends at work, wanting to be there for me too - I felt soo lucky! I managed to turn myself right around again and am now waiting to go back to work!
I decided that it might be a good idea to cut down my hours. I would then be less tired and might be able to do something about making my cards and bags to sell!!

The other decision we made in light of my mental break down was that we really can't afford our lovely Honda CRV (we call her Rhonda!) anymore, big sob! £365 a month is just too much, so we went and looked for a new car today (hubby, mum and dad-in-law) and hubby is in love with a Vauxhall Insignia - which will now be ours on Tuesday! (£213 a month instead - so much better!)

It doesn't end there. oh no - have the excitement of going to the dog races tomorrow with all the family! I can't wait - as I think they are soo cute! I only ever bet a couple of quid per race, but I always have to pick by their names (have no idea about all the odds etc!) so that should be really good. Last time we went, I decided that when I'm older, I am going to enter the adoption programme and adopt a retired race dog :)

So, the week has gone from suicidal, despairing me, to hopeful, content me!
I wonder what next week will bring!?!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Little Man

Dear Little man,

I thought I'd write another little blog about how you are doing now! (so that we can look back on it when your older!)

You are now 2 years, 7 months and 4 days old. (I have a ticker tape on Netmums, so can get the exact age, heehee!!)

I can't believe some of the things you talk about now! words like 'licious' (delicious) to describe food! Another favourite of mine is 'lollypot' (lollypop!) - though you only get them occasionally, when you've been a good boy!

You are experimenting with imaginary play - your favourite at the moment, is a 2 lego block 'cakey' that you 'made' and you present it with a chorus of 'happy birthday to you!' 
you love dressing up too!
You still love reading your books with Grannie and Grandad in the mornings and singing lots of songs - you can now manage most of 'twinkle twinkle little star,' 'row row row your boat' and 'tommy thumb', some of 'frere jaque' and my favourite is your version of 'old mcDonald' as 'old McFarmer had a ...' - love it!

You still love sitting at the kitchen table playing games with Grandad - usually trains, drawing and lego (where you always make 'raffe' - giraffes!) and jigsaws.
You are completely obsessed with Disney's Cars 2 and we often have to watch it! You love playing with the Cars toys and cushions we got you for Christmas - your favourite characters are Mater, Lightning, Finn and Holly!

 We go once a week to visit mummy's friends (and their kids) for lunch, taking it in turns as to who 'hosts'. We also go occasionally to Krazy Club soft play area, with friends of mummy's from work (and their kids). I wish that we did more sometimes, but when I work until midnight, I'm not very good at getting up in the mornings to take you places like 'little quavers' that we used to go to.

Most of the time you are completely adorable, with your cheeky grin and loveable nature! When you get tired though, (especially when you refuse to go 'sleepies' in the afternoons) you get very grumpy and throw the biggest tantrums ever! Usually yelling 'don't like...' or just plain 'NO!' But I love you all the same!

You love going to sleepovers at Nanny and Grandad's house, and sometimes you get to share the huge bed with cousin Sean as well - which you both loved! You playing games with Sean when you're both at Nanny and Grandads or over the farm!

Though I have to say, one of my favourite moments of the day, is popping into your bedroom, before I go to bed to say goodnight to you - watching you softly snoring in your bed, snuggled with Bunny and Ducky  - as you look sooo scrummy!

So there you have it, a little 'snap shot' of how you are at the moment! More will follow as you get older, I promise!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Have been really brave!

Me and little man went to visit a friend and her 'zoo' of pets on Wednesday - partly to have a good old chin-wag and catch up, as I haven't seen her in ages! Also to help me with some of my fears! Here are some piccies of how brave we were!

little man and Lisa
watching the hedgehog

looking at the spider!!

holding the small snake!

holding the lizard

little man and the tortoise

the big snake giving us a cuddle!

I held the big snake's head - very brave for me!!

Monday, 20 February 2012


I was really gutted that I couldn't take part in last weeks listography on mugs (as all of our mugs are stored in boxes whilst we're living back with my parents)
So I was really glad to be able to have another go at joining in, with the topic this week being the top 5 things that make you happy.
If you want to read some more, or join in the fun,  pop over to Kate at Kate Takes 5.

Top 5 things that make you happy:

1) My gorgeous little man - but specifically his cute little 'butter wouldn't melt in my mouth' smile and the gorgeous hugs and kisses he gives now!

2) When my wonderful hubby gives me giant hugs!

3) Curling up in bed, under my thick duvet, reading a good book before I go to sleep each night. The only problem is sometimes, if the book is too good, that I end up reading into the wee hours of the morning! - good job hubby works nights ;)

4) Making cards and bags - that one day I will get around to selling (with some of the profits going to my 2 charities Mind and MS Society).

5) Chocolate buttons - I have a very bad obsession with them at the moment - they just seem to call to me from the fridge (as hate warm melted chocolate!) and I just can't resist!!

Right, I'm off now to have a look and see what makes other people happy! :)