A little about me and why I blog

Hello and welcome to my little blog!

Well, I'd better start with who I am. I'm Melissa (usually Mel) and I am a complete fruit-loop and very proud of it! I have the philosophy that I am always going to be daft and silly and have no intention of changing or growing up! I love crafting, especially making cards, jewellery and bags - which one day I might get round to selling! I've recently taken up knitting which I love, as I find it very calming! I also love watching films, reading and spending time with friends and family.

Speaking of family, I am lucky enough to have 2 scrummy children!

My Little Man is nearly 8 and my Little Miss is 4.

We live with my parents, who are brilliant at helping me with the kids and giving me loads of support, as I'm now a single mum. (my husband left at the end of Nov 2013 and divorce is now through)
This blog is my therapy! I have severe depression, (made worse during my last pregnancy). I find that blogging really helps to clear my thoughts that usually whizz relentlessly round my head! I have had depression on and off for 18 years now and have been permanently on medication for 12 years. (I had a couple of brief times without meds, but they didn't last long!) The likelihood is that I will be on these for life and I'm fine with that. (Depression seems to run in my family - or we are more prone to it.) So some of my posts will be about how I cope living with depression day to day, discussing changing meds, therapy and the general ups and downs life brings.

It won't all be doom and gloom (hopefully!) as I will post about things that happen in my life. From the major events to the everyday bits and bobs that occur - whatever seems important at the time. Most will probably be a lot of garbled rubbish, but some might be entertaining (no promises though!) I'll also write some totally random posts about my thoughts of the moment - I know a scary thought!
Well, I think that's about it, I hope you enjoy sharing the moments in my mental little world ;-)

(updated July 2017)