Tuesday, 25 October 2011

oh dear, I need help!!

I am completely clueless when it comes to make up! The most I use is cover up and a bit of lippy, v occasionally some eye shadow and foundation (on special occasions!)

So, a few weeks ago I had a Virgin V party and my friend C did a brilliant make over for me and everyone (well mum and mum-in-law) said it looked really good!

So tonight, as everyone is out and little man is asleep, I decided to have a go at re-creating the look with the gorgeous new products that finally arrived yesterday!!

So, things started ok with the foundation that I already have from Virgin V (one step face base) but I tried applying with a large brush instead of the sponge thing it comes with and I think it worked better.

Then I had a go with the Ready to Wear eyeshadow collection - which for me was great as it shows a diagram of where to put each of the 4 colours! I even applied it with the new applicator and blending brushes I got. Not bad, but think I could do better as the colours don't seem quite the same on each eye!!

Satin Shine lip gloss was perfect! (have already managed to get the hang of lippie and gloss, probably because it's v simple - heehee!)

The big problem arrived with the mascara! I have Dream Lashes which has a primer and then the actual mascara - the end result is a big load of clumps sticking out unevenly from my eyelids - oh dear!!

If anyone know any tips for helping me get better results, I would be eternally grateful!!

So end results = not bad, but room for a lot of improvements, heehee!

My lovely family holiday

Ok, so it's been a while and am really pleased that things are really going well at the moment!
We've had a lovely, if not tiring holiday in the New Forest with my parents, hubby and little man. We did lots of sight seeing - saw New Forest animals, went to Beaulieu and Paultons Park - where Peppa Pig World was a great success with little man!
Here are some of my fav piccies of the week:
Paulton's Park -
My lovely family :)

Little man didn't want buggy or walking, so he hitched a ride with Grandad!!

One cute meerkat we saw! I'm thinking of using in my card making.

Little man took mummy for a drive :)
These were from Beaulieu - which again fired my imagination for card making possibilities:
I think that the palace is simply breath-taking!

One of my arty attempts for card making!

and another!

We had the whole Top Gear experience and it was BRILLIANT! Especially the simulated laps with the Stig driving!!

The big kid in my was sooo excited when I saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!
Finally from the New Forest Park:

I couldn't believe how tame the deer were!

One of the best piccies I've ever taken!!
Now back to work work work ;)

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Have found a new level of respect for pot washers!!

So my shift today at work was a little different - instead of waitressing or doing the puddings, I was the pot-washer in the kitchen.

I had to wear a paper hat thingy and a proper 'chefs' white coat thing, but my own trousers - as theirs didn't fit, heehee (I blame it all on my big bum!!) Then over that a full length apron.

Then for 5 hours straight I rinsed (using a high power jet thing) stacked, put into the washer (huge!!) stacked the clean dishes, cutlery, etc and then repeated again and again and again!!

I have now got the highest respect for pot-washers! It is a never ending job!! I don't think I managed to clear everything once the whole shift (kept apologising to the head chef for being so slow - woops!!)
Every time I could see a little space starting to appear amongst the stacks of dirty dishes etc, someone would come along and fill it up, heehe!

Also have learned a few more things for next time (if they want me again that is!)
1) Pot washing for 5 continuous hours gives you a really bad back :(
2) Pot washing makes you soaking wet! Even my bra and knickers were soaking!!
3) As a result of 2) it is a good idea to bring spare trousers, then I won't have to drive home again with soaking wet trousers!!
4) Sometimes high power jet washer thingies are not as good as they sound - especially after managing to spray balsamic vinegar in my eye whilst trying to rinse the little dish thingy!!

All in all though a good experience! Makes me appreciate how tiring it really is to pot wash - as it always looks really simple!!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

I am so happy!

I am just sooo happy at the moment!
I have just got over the most horrendous chest infection - which caused me to miss 3 shifts at work and my first asthma attack in 5 years!
Today though, woke up and have just been beaming non stop! I've been dancing round the living room with little man and even hubby (BIG shock!!) and just had to blog and share!
It's been so long since I have actually felt content and sublimely happy that it's such a nice surprise - long may it continue!