Friday, 18 September 2015

P is for Purpose

Finally, finally after months and months of having absolutely no clue what I'm doing with my life and where it's headed, I have now found my new 'purpose'!
A while back, ok, so it was probably at least 3 years ago, (she admits sheepishly!) I wrote a little story for Little Man all about the dummy fairy, to help him through the process of letting go of his dummies for good. In the end, he was too young for the story, but I had great fun writing him letters from his dummy fairy and giving him a certificate and gift, in exchange for him filling up the special bag with his dummies for the fairy to take away (find out more here.) I shared the story with a few close family members who really liked it, but then I pretty much forgot all about it.
Anywho, following a lovely catch-up lunch last weekend with my family, I have now decided to re-focus on the story and a few other 'extras' that I have thought of to try and make it into a little business. My godmother (mum's cousin) has been on and on at me to do something with the story since I wrote it, but now I think I am finally in the right place to do something about it! Soo excited!!
I'm trying to think of a good, catchy name for the business (any suggestions most welcome!) and then look out world, here I come, heehee!
So,keep your fingers crossed for me, that it all starts to come together very soon!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Happy Birthday Little Man!

Dear Little Man,
Where has that year gone?? I can't believe that today you celebrated your 6th birthday! You had a lovely bowling party yesterday, with some school friends and little miss and your cousins. Auntie Charlotte and Uncle Chris bought her new baby to meet you too. You had a really awesome cake; dinosaur of course!
thank you Dawn from dial a cake!

I am so proud of the little man you are growing into. You still give the best hugs ever - you seem to know just when I need one! You have a kind heart and are really generous! You are still a complete fruit-loop, which makes me feel much better, to know that you are just as silly as me! You have also unfortunately, inherited my clumsiness too - I have never seen anyone fall over or have as many accidents at school, as you do - sorry about that!
At the moment, you are really into power rangers action figures, guns, dinosaurs, jumping on the trampoline, scooting (mostly just to and from school) and you are just learning to ride the new bike that me, grannie and grandad got you for your birthday. The films of the moment that we watch again and again are How to Train Your Dragon (now you have the second one as well, thanks to grannie and grandad) Tinkerbell and Frozen (though I think those are more your sisters choices, heehee!)
You have done really well at school this year - especially with your reading and handwriting! I am so so proud of you! You still love drawing and have now started writing little stories with grandad! I think you are going to take after him with your creativity :-)

So, here are some of my favourite piccies of the last year:

We have had some brilliant times this year; playing at Dinton Pastures; bouncing on the trampoline; dressing up; our caravan holiday; Peppa Pig World; your sports day where you came 1st in the ball pick up, 2nd in the hurdles and 3rd in the sprint! My favourite was the 'dust fight' we had when we had been digging for dinosaurs - I don't know who ended up with the chalkiest face in the end ;-) heehee!
You have also had to cope with the past 2 1/2 months of chaos as the extension on the house has finally begun. It has been totally crazy; with builders, electricians and now our kitchen man, but it will all be worth it in the end when the house is wheelchair-friendly for grandad. I think my favourite moment was when you came home from school to find the microwave and kettle on a table in the living room! Our 'kitchen' for the past week and a half!
I love you to the moon and back little man!
mummy xxx

Monday, 12 January 2015

Three Principles for 2015

I have been one of those people who try to make a little difference to the world, by signing petitions for things that I believe in. I guess I figure that my voice can help to make changes, even if they are only small things.
One of the groups that I am a member of is called Avaaz. They have had many, many petitions that I have added my name to, but this one that arrived in my in-box today, was a little different and I felt that it would be good to share.
It's called the Three Principles for 2015. I thought, as I haven't made any New Years resolutions, that this would be something that I could strive for this year instead.

Three Principles for 2015

Show Kindness and Respect: We will show kindness and respect towards ourselves and others whenever possible. And it's always possible, because everyone we meet is fighting a battle we may know nothing about.Strive for Wisdom: We will seek to be wise in our decisions, listening deeply to ourselves and others, and balancing our heads, hearts and intuitions in a harmony that feels right.Cultivate Gratitude: We will regularly reflect on what we're grateful for, because it brings perspective, dissolves negativity, and grounds us in what's most important.
I have also decided to keep trying to teach my kids these same values, as I think that they are important for all ages to try and live by.
If you like the idea, then follow the link (here) and sign up yourself.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Happy 2nd birthday!!

Dear Little Miss,

Well, I can't believe that you are 2 today! Where has that time gone??
It still doesn't seem 5 minutes ago that you were a teeny tiny baby and now you are a proper mini girl, no more 'baby' left in you - so grown up!
Here are some of my favourite piccies of you this year:

All the way back in January - big girl walking!

I know there are soo many, but I just found so many that I really liked!
They start all the way back in January, where you are showing off your walking skills and then helping me to make your birthday 'thank you' cards!
Playing in the garden with Little Man pushing you in the car, followed by some very cute smiley piccies! Next up is more fun in the garden, and a special piccie with Auntie Charlotte, on one of her Tuesday visits. Funny faces at breakfast follows - you had me laughing soo hard when you did that! Next up is on the swing at the family day out in Dinton Pastures, sitting in the washing basket with Little Man and watching telly - as you do, then a brilliant piccie of you wearing your hat that shrunk - very Michael Jackson! Some family piccies next, I loved the one of us all in my bed, very nice way to wake up :-) Next we have cool shades, on the mobile and more cool shades! Finally exploring with homemade coconut playdoh, then the day you took all the drawers out of the tidy and got in yourself - my friend Ruth called it a 'child tidy' which did make me giggle! Last of all is you all grown up on the morning of your second birthday, very proud of your new scooter!

You have just changed soo soo much over the last year! You and Little Man seem to be consuming some kind of magical growth potion, as you've both shot up in the last few weeks!
You try really hard with your words now and babble away, which is just so cute! You are at the 'look at this mumma' stage, pointing out everything that you see, even though most of the time, I have no idea what you are saying ;-) You have the normal; yeh and nah, dadda, ada (Little Man), nanneee, ganeee, and FINALLY we have mumma and even mummeee! You don't know how long I have been waiting to not be called dadda! It now seems to be your favourite word as you say it over, and over, and over again! Add a whine and you'll be in training for grumpy teenager ;-) Also popular are; teddy, car, dog, there, here, and share - you want everyone to share with you, mostly food!! But the cutest at the moment is hot-hot, as you've learnt not to touch things that are hot :-)

Your favourite toys at the moment are all your cuddly teddies, that you have decided need to be wearing nappies! You love Happy Land and got 2 new sets to add to your fairy collection, also having tea parties with me and the singing teapots - great fun! You also love zooming cars around the house chasing Little Man. Singing is another favourite thing, with 'twinkle twinkle',  'wind the bobbin up', 'the hokey kokey', 'head shoulders knees and toes', the most popular.

At the moment, your week pans out as follows; Monday at Zoe's, Tuesday we go to Little Quavers music group and then you spend the rest of the day with daddy, Wednesday we are going to start going to ABC toddler group at St Mary's church, Thursday is with Zoe and then daddy again and then we have a rest day at home or with daddy depending on the week. You spend every other weekend at daddy's. When you're with me, we go often to church on Sundays. We are now looking at starting you in a nursery placement, and hopefully in September you might get a place at Pied Piper, where Little Man went.

I'm just so proud of how you have grown into such a lovely little miss! Your thirst for exploring and learning are just brilliant! Looking forward to what this year has for you!

Love you loads now and always!
Mummy xxxx