Saturday, 6 April 2013

Listograpy: 5 things that are better than One Direction

Oh how I have missed listography (is that really sad??)
I found one today from the lovely Kate from Kate Takes 5 and just had to join in!
Theme this time is 5 things that are better than One Direction (5 things I'd like my little ones to look forward to / experience in their life, that are better then One Direction!)

So here we go!

1. True love.
The unconditional kind that makes you feel needed, loved and special just for being you! I truly found my soul mate in my hubby and count my blessings every day he still sticks with me ;) He is my friend and lover all-in-one! I hope that my little ones find someone that makes them blissfully happy, and then can enjoy growing old together.

2. Happiness.
I rate happiness as one of my top priorities in life, and am so lucky to have experienced lots of things so far that have made me happy - teaching, crafting, playing the viola, reading, watching films and many more! I'd love my little ones find things that makes them happy, even if it is only for a short while, or something that continues a life time. Then they'll have good times to look back on, instead of a heap of regrets and 'I wish I had tried..' moments.

3. An amazing holiday.
I think everyone should have at least one amazing holiday in their lifetime (some may get more!!) Mine was def going to Cuba with my hubby! One day, hubby would love to go to New Zealand, I would love to learn to snowboard somewhere and finally, take a family holiday to Disney World, (I recon that they would be pretty amazing too!)

4. The big 'firsts'
First time they: have an alcoholic drink / drive their own car / get their own place to live /fall in love! I'm sure there are plenty more, but my mind has gone blank ;)

5. Their own family.
I can't express how much I love having my little family! From the minute I found out I was pregnant, to holding them asleep in my arms, to hearing the magical words 'I love you mummy!' - all soooo yummy!

So there you have it, my attempt!
Am off to have a look at some other lists now :)


  1. So glad to hear ou missed Listography (not sad at all!!). This is such a lovely list - you've made me all wistful and melancholy and I'm not even sure why...

  2. Great list, Cuba sounds fab and I must admit new Zealand and Disney are on our list as well!

    1. I think it'll take a few years to save up, but will be worth it ;)
      I'm going to read your list now ;)


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