Monday, 21 April 2014

N is for Nephew!

Well, I thought it had been a while since I did one of my A-Z blog prompts and this seemed a perfect subject after the lovely afternoon I spent at my brother's this afternoon!
On the 13th April, my little nephew finally made his appearance! (He was late!)
He weighed 9lbs 7oz at birth!! My poor sister-in-law ended up having a c-section as he wouldn't come out!
He is absolutely perfect and today mum, dad and I finally got to go over and have our first cuddles!
He is just soooo teeny tiny! With his cute button nose and little legs that are still bendy like a frogs! Beautiful blue eyes and a right little wriggler when my dad was having cuddles! He was a perfect angel for mum! For me, the two times I held him, he cried! Woops! It did make me feel better when my sister-in-law (SIL) reminded me that Little Miss did the same to her when she had first cuddles last year! Must be pay-back time, heehee!
What did surprise me, is that SIL is already to have the next one!! I think it took me years before I could even contemplate that idea, but fair play to her! My brother did once say that he wanted to have 6 kids, which I shared with SIL today! Not sure that they'll have that many though, judging from her look when I told her that, heehee ;-)
It's also been lovely to hand down loads of bits that Little Miss doesn't need anymore! I never sold anything from when Little Man was a baby, everything was either kept for Little Miss, or been given and shared amongst my friends! It's even nicer to share with my big bro! I've got a list of more things I've asked if they wanted, to take when we visit in a couple of weeks with Little Man and Little Miss!
Sooo happy for them! Just had to share :-D

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