Saturday, 1 July 2017

V is for Very bad me!

Well, here we are again - poor little neglected blog and me! Feel very bad for not visiting in such a long time again!

Life has certainly moved on a lot since my last visit!
Little Miss is now 4 and has a place all lined up for her starting 'big school' in September!
Little Man is about to turn 8 in just a few weeks time - how that is even possible I don't know!! heehee!

One of my favourite piccies, taken recently ;-)

Life for me personally has been like riding a giant roller coaster - more downs than ups at the moment though, unfortunately. My plans for starting my own crafty business has come on a little, but not as far as I had hoped. I have a domain name and company logo all sorted out :-) I have started some courses to help improve my skills and confidence and hope to be up a running some time next year, instead of my original plan of September this year.

I seem to be immensely good at getting ill again, with bug after bug dragging me down and leaving me completely exhausted all the time :-/

One good thing to note is that I have managed to get accepted to a new voluntary position, helping at the local library. I went on the training session and am really looking forward to starting next week. I always had librarian on my list of possible careers after I had to leave teaching, and even though I'm not getting paid, I will be helping to ensure that our library doesn't join some of those in my county that are being closed due to lack of funds from the local authorities. It also gives me a great excuse to get back to borrowing books, instead of buying them all the time - even if they are mostly from charity shops. I also want to start taking the kids on a regular basis - I used to love visiting the library when I was younger and I want my kids to experience some of that joy too!

What else has been happening? Not a lot to be honest! I seem to be drifting a little at the moment, probably because of all the illnesses I keep getting ;-)
I want to get life back on track again and now seems as good a time as any :-)

Well until next time - hopefully not in another 6 months!


  1. Good to see you back! Sorry to hear that you've had some downs but it sounds as though you've got some exciting things starting up too. I'd love to work in a library, I used to do evening work putting books back on the shelves when I was a teenager and really enjoyed it, a lovely atmosphere to work in and everyone that came in was so friendly. Good luck with it!

    1. Thanks so much! I've only had one session working in the library so far and already love it :-)


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