Saturday, 16 December 2017

The End of this Chapter!

I can't believe I would ever be saying this, but the time has come for me to make a fresh start with a whole new blog!

I have decided to keep this blog, as it has helped me through the ups and downs of 6 years of my life! (can't believe it has been that long!)

It holds the lovely memories that I have shared each time my kids have a birthday -
- my favourite photos from the year,
- their favourite toys / food / colour, at the time of each post,
- what milestones they have achieved in that year - mostly what words (or their cute versions of words!) they have learned to say now! Happy times, that I will cherish forever!

It has been a place for me to get out how I feel. Most significantly, it has allowed me to share a side of me that I usually hide from everyone! I don't like to be a burden, and having somewhere 'safe' like this has really helped me in so many ways :-)

So, if you've been with me in this chapter of my life, then a huge thank you to you!
If you want to join me in my next chapter, then find me over here Cloudy Days and Moonbeams

big hugs

Melissa xxx

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