Thursday, 13 October 2011

Have found a new level of respect for pot washers!!

So my shift today at work was a little different - instead of waitressing or doing the puddings, I was the pot-washer in the kitchen.

I had to wear a paper hat thingy and a proper 'chefs' white coat thing, but my own trousers - as theirs didn't fit, heehee (I blame it all on my big bum!!) Then over that a full length apron.

Then for 5 hours straight I rinsed (using a high power jet thing) stacked, put into the washer (huge!!) stacked the clean dishes, cutlery, etc and then repeated again and again and again!!

I have now got the highest respect for pot-washers! It is a never ending job!! I don't think I managed to clear everything once the whole shift (kept apologising to the head chef for being so slow - woops!!)
Every time I could see a little space starting to appear amongst the stacks of dirty dishes etc, someone would come along and fill it up, heehe!

Also have learned a few more things for next time (if they want me again that is!)
1) Pot washing for 5 continuous hours gives you a really bad back :(
2) Pot washing makes you soaking wet! Even my bra and knickers were soaking!!
3) As a result of 2) it is a good idea to bring spare trousers, then I won't have to drive home again with soaking wet trousers!!
4) Sometimes high power jet washer thingies are not as good as they sound - especially after managing to spray balsamic vinegar in my eye whilst trying to rinse the little dish thingy!!

All in all though a good experience! Makes me appreciate how tiring it really is to pot wash - as it always looks really simple!!

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