Tuesday, 25 October 2011

oh dear, I need help!!

I am completely clueless when it comes to make up! The most I use is cover up and a bit of lippy, v occasionally some eye shadow and foundation (on special occasions!)

So, a few weeks ago I had a Virgin V party and my friend C did a brilliant make over for me and everyone (well mum and mum-in-law) said it looked really good!

So tonight, as everyone is out and little man is asleep, I decided to have a go at re-creating the look with the gorgeous new products that finally arrived yesterday!!

So, things started ok with the foundation that I already have from Virgin V (one step face base) but I tried applying with a large brush instead of the sponge thing it comes with and I think it worked better.

Then I had a go with the Ready to Wear eyeshadow collection - which for me was great as it shows a diagram of where to put each of the 4 colours! I even applied it with the new applicator and blending brushes I got. Not bad, but think I could do better as the colours don't seem quite the same on each eye!!

Satin Shine lip gloss was perfect! (have already managed to get the hang of lippie and gloss, probably because it's v simple - heehee!)

The big problem arrived with the mascara! I have Dream Lashes which has a primer and then the actual mascara - the end result is a big load of clumps sticking out unevenly from my eyelids - oh dear!!

If anyone know any tips for helping me get better results, I would be eternally grateful!!

So end results = not bad, but room for a lot of improvements, heehee!

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