Saturday, 9 June 2012

Wow! How long ago was I last here??

I have been thinking that my little blog has been rather neglected lately - but at least for the best excuse!
I am now 11 weeks pregnant and have really been suffering with nausea, sickness and my depression!

I got signed off from work for 2 weeks and am finally back to being 'me' :)
I managed my first shift back at work on Thursday and was utterly exhausted at the end! I'm just hoping that it will be better tomorrow - I might have to ask for some little breaks, as 5-6 hours waitressing without a break is hard going!

My first shocker of being pregnant today! I had to get measured for new bras as mine really hurt and as money is very tight I thought I'd get maternity ones now. The lady had to order my size in - I've got sooo much bigger :( oh well, hope it will all go away again once the baby arrives and I put in a lot of work, heehee!
I can't believe how huge I already feel - I've had to start wearing my mum's old nickers from when she was a lot bigger, as mine no longer fit :( oh dear oh dear!!

At least I have started to feel a lot more excited about the baby now :)
When my depression was really bad, I thought that this was a terrible thing to have done, as I was never going to be able to cope, etc etc!
I hope now that as I'm feeling better, I can see a much more positive future instead!
I'm still not 100% easy about everything, but once I have the scan on the 18th, I'm sure I will feel much better :)

Now, I need to go and have a little nap - I am sooo tired lately - but I'll take that over the sickness, no problem!! ;)


  1. Nice to see you back, I'm glad that you're feeling a bit better. Good luck for the scan :)

  2. Me again, you're tagged! Only take part if you'd like to!


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