Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Challenge 1: 'Keep nails painted for a month' completed :-D

I just had to share, I have finally managed to complete my first challenge on the day zero project Painting nails.
I managed to keep my nails painted for a whole month, changing between the  following colours, depending on my mood at the time ;-)

No. 7 stay perfect nail  'Damson Dream
Revlon nail enamel, 240 'Impulsive'

Revlon nail enamel, 571 'Posh'
Revlon nail enamel, 570 'Vixen'
I had a bright pink colour, but that chipped off in less than a day, so it didn't make it onto the colour choices again. Also, the leather effect varnishes were soooo not for me, so again, no more of them!
I have really enjoyed this challenge so much that I think it's become a bit of an addiction, heehee!
I find taking the time to paint my nails really calming - something I could def do with in my chaotic life at the moment!
Only 100 more challenges to go ;-)

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