Saturday, 1 March 2014

Listography: Simple Pleasures

Yaaaaaay! Listography time again! I think I now have a bit of an obsession with Listography, and get just a teeny bit excited when I see that Kate from Kate Takes 5, has posted a new list (I know, small things, heehee!) 
Anywho, this weeks theme is Top 5 Simple Pleasures, so here we go:

1. Hugs
image from google
I absolutely LOVE hugs!  and am a very huggy person!
Such a simple thing that can make you feel so much better, in seconds!
What's even better, is that hugs have sooo many uses. There are hugs of friendship and of love. Hugs to make hurt feelings or 'owies' better. Hugs to greet when you meet a friend, or farewell hugs to see you though the whole day. I'd better stop now, before I go too 'hug-listing' mad ;-)
I love hugs with close family and friends. Little Miss will let me hug and kiss her forever! Sadly, Little Man is now far too old for kisses now - at the oh so 'grown-up' age of 4 1/2 ;-) but I'm still allowed my daily hug fix! We have now advanced to the ultimate hug - 'skwudges' which are just the longest, tightest, bestest hugs ever ;-) My favourite hugs are those last hugs of the day, as I put my tired little kiddies to bed. That final gesture of love and protection, to see them safely through the night. *happy sigh*

2. Chocolate
I have a need for chocolate. Nothing more to say on this ;-)

3. A tidy, organised room.
I love it when a room in our house of 'organised chaos' finally gets a good tidy and sort out. I'm not into the whole minimalist look; where it looks like you're constantly waiting for a style magazine to drop by for a surprise photo-shoot, or worse still the 'museum home' where you just don't touch anything, ever! But I do like the sense of achievement, when you've bust a gut to clean and tidy everything into its place, and it finally looks organised, but lived in!
(I really, really want to put home, but it's just not realistic yet! Since hubby leaving last November, we have started the 'great big house sort' project and are getting there very, very slowly!)

4. Flowers
bluebells growing in our
front garden :-)
I think flowers are just beautiful! They have the ability to light up a gloomy room, or just to remind me how amazing nature is!
As I have an amazing knack of killing all flowers, potted plants, (even a cactus now!) so I prefer wild flowers or garden flowers ;-)   
I have a love of roses inherited from my Grannie and Granpie, who had stunning flower beds dedicated to them! I also adore fuscias, daisies and bluebells! The only tattoo I have is of bluebells and if I'm ever brave enough to get another one, it'll be daisies :-)

5. Clean sheets!
This might sound completely nutts, but there's just nothing like climbing into bed after another exhausting day, and have the gentle aroma of 'clean sheets' (fabric softener usually!) waft over you as you snuggle down for a good nights sleep! Clean sheets also have that lovely 'clean feel' that just isn't there by the end of the week, and I think that actually helps me sleep better!

So there you go, my top 5 simple pleasures in life.
Now time to link up and get looking at all the other lists :-)


  1. I am with you on the clean sheets, so lovely sliding under nice clean bedding devine

  2. I agree with each and every one of them! Fresh bedding makes me sleep so much better. I'm just failing miserably at keeping my rooms organised - I don't suffer from museum home syndrome though ;)

    1. So do I - it's a never-ending battle at times, which is why I love those few moments where I can feel 'proud' of my efforts, even if they never last ;-)

  3. Hugs, yes, being a Welshy, nothing sums it up better that a 'cwtch'. And from my boys, just because, definitely a simple pleasure.
    A great Listography.

  4. A tidy room, clean sheets and hugs are my favourites here - not necessarily in that order.

  5. A listography obsession is ALWAYS good. As are clean sheets but they don't happen very often around here..

    1. Glad I'm not the only one with this obsessipn :-)
      If I could, I'd love to have clean sheets every few days - I can dream ;-)

    2. Glad I'm not the only one with this obsession ;-)


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