Friday, 14 March 2014

Flowers for a Friend

Pink Perfect Gift

These beautiful flowers are off to help cheer up my good friend Becky! (thanks to Interflora flowers!)
Another challenge from my Day Zero project, sending flowers to a friend in need, poor Becky has had no luck with health lately. Come to that, neither have I! We have been trying to organise a girlie get-together since before Christmas and are foiled every time due to one or both of us being ill!
These pretty pink flowers should arrive tomorrow and hopefully she'll know that she's always in my thoughts and prayers. It feels amazing to do such a small thing to show a friend that I hope she feels better soon! I only wish I had done similar things before!
I can't believe that in just a few short months, thanks to this wonderful Day Zero Challenge, my life is already so much better than before!


  1. So pleased that you're getting on so well with your Day Zero project list! I've found mine really motivating too, and I've tried out loads of things that I wouldn't have done otherwise. How lovely to send your friend flowers, I hope that she's feeling better soon :)

    1. I'm sooo glad I found it too - all thanks to your blog I might add!
      I'm currently working on a knitted scarf :-)

    2. Oh and my friend is feeling much better thanks xx


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