Saturday, 26 November 2011

Have had the best time!

I have just got back from one of those rare occasions since having little man - real ME time!
I went to visit his godmummy C in London and stayed the night. Only the second night I have spent away from him EVER!
C had organised a real 'girlie' day out and I wanted to have a surprise, so didn't have a clue what we were going to do - and it was BRILLIANT!
Firstly after having a gorgeous pizza in a little Italian near Oxford Circus (the only thing I was allowed to pay for!!), she took me for surprise number one. I had my first ever manicure! It was really nice to sit and be pampered for a change! She decided to get a pedicure instead as she loves having her feet massaged! I have a big thing about how horrible my feet are - unfortunately have these horrible warty things on my toe :( so was really happy that she chose a manicure for me! We went to London school of something-or-other, where because the people who do the treatments are students, they are loads cheaper! The girl who did my manicure was lovely and I managed to help her out by choosing to have my nails painted in a dark purple, which she needed to do as part of her course! C went for a gorgeous maroon / dark red!

my lovely nails!
Feeling absolutely amazing and chilled, we opted for a bit of retail therapy before heading back to her place to freshen up for the evening. I had a fab time window shopping, while C decided whether or not to spend £85 on a GORGEOUS pair of shoes she needed for a wedding she was going to. I was absolutely no help as thought they were fabulous, in the end, she chose not to have them - but we had fun all the same!

C's gorgeous toes!
In the evening, we set off for Somerset House - I had never heard of it and was really excited - couldn't wait to find out what we were going to do. We stopped to pick up supplies for a picnic on the way and ended up being a little late to meet her friend as the queue at Salisbury's snaked round the whole shop! (mind you it wasn't a huge shop - thank goodness!!)
Somerset house was hosting Film 4 events and we set up our blanket and had a lovely picnic and watched a very 'arty' Chinese film, which was brilliant!
Gorgeous setting for a picnic!

the best cinema I've ever been to!!
Unfortunately C had to leave 7.15 this morning for work, but it gave me some time to read my book and do a few jobs to help her out - even though I had had strict instructions not to do anything!
Came home to my yummy little man and hubby waiting for me at the station.
I loved my 'me' time but was also so glad to be home and get loads of cuddles and kisses from my two men!
Having a minor problem with my posts!! This happened in August - no idea how i managed to move it here!! woops!!

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