Monday, 7 November 2011

Not doing so good this week

I'm finding things really hard these last few days.
My emotions have been really hard to control and I've had another blub before going to work today.
All I want to do at the moment is sleep, my body is exhausted but my mind is restless.

I think I've either got back, or still have a chest infection, with coldy symptoms on top, am feeling very sorry for myself!

I'm going to see my therapist for the last time on Weds, as she's moving on to a different role. I'm not sure how happy I feel that I might have to see someone else, as I really trust her and have been able to tell her absolutely everything that has happened in my past. I know that they all share the info, but what if I don't like the new person??

I've also been wondering if I have that seasonal disorder SAD. I am forever getting ill in the winter time and have totally had enough of it!
I've heard about treatments to try and combat this - something about light sources, so think might go and google it in a bit.

At least I managed to get to work and do my shift - I got home just before midnight - so that's a 'yay me' moment, as I really didn't want to go!

Hopefully things will get better soon

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