Friday, 18 November 2011

Why does it always seem to be me?

I seem to have to worst luck at the moment.

A couple of weeks ago I had the evil chest infection, then came a virus. After that I was looking after little man who came down with his own virus :(
Then yesterday, just as everything seemed to have passed (well nearly, in the case of little man) I manage to put my back out and was in AGONY!
I missed another shift at work as was laid out on the floor wailing like a baby, in the most pain I've experienced since giving birth!!

I'm beginning to think that I am one of the unluckiest people at the moment - one thing after another!!
Or, maybe that's my 3, isn't the saying bad things always come in 3's??
Here's hoping that nothing else will happen to make me miss any more work - I'm worried that they'll get fed up of me being ill and give me the sack :(
Am crossing all my fingers, toes and everything else 'cross-able' in the hope that I will be fine tomorrow and back to work ;)

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