Thursday, 8 September 2011

A real sigh of relief!

So it's been a few days since I last blogged and that is all because I have just been so busy!

Last Thursday, I had an interview for waitressing at a local pub and I got it!! Even though I have no experience what so ever!!! Finally someone was giving me the chance to show that I can work bloomin' hard if only I'm given the chance!!

My trial shift was on Monday and it didn't go quite as planned. Firstly, the deputy manager (in charge as the manager who interviewed me is on a course all week!) didn't have me down on the rosta!! They had a girl called Amy, who thankfully for me didn't turn up, so I was allowed to work and show I could do the job!!
I think maybe they just had the name mixed up and was told on Tues that I def have the job!!! I was so relieved and excited! All of those months trawling through Internet sites and newspapers, to then spend hours applying for jobs and sending my CV to people who would probably have another 60 other better qualified / more experienced candidates than me, to finally being employed!!!

I had thought about becoming a Betterware distributor as well, but there I think I bit off more than I could chew! I've now done 2 shifts at work, running round for 5 solid hours, loving every minute of it. However, I am also sporting 2 huge painful blisters, one on each foot! So the thought of havng to distribute 250 magazines up and down roads in my local area really didn't stand a chance!!

So now I'm absolutely shattered, sitting with special blister stickers that I found down the chemist , trying to think of a pair of shoes that I will be able to wear for my 5 hour shift tomorrow!!
I'm really happy that I have a job that I can do, then leave behind when I walk out of the door! It is exactly the kind of thing that I was looking for.

Next move, set up 'Bags 'n' Bitz' to sell my cards and bags - but I think I'll save that for a few more weeks / months, as money is really tight at the moment!! Roll on my first pay slip : )

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