Monday, 12 September 2011

Yay me!

I'm really happy at the moment!
I have started the long awaited psychology and I'm doing really well! My first session was 1st Sept and my psychologist couldn't believe the difference in me!! When I went for assessment back in February, I was really bad, suicidal and in a dark, dark place! Now, she said that I am already doing loads of the things that they spend months of therapy teaching - and all on my own!! She kept asking 'how are you doing this?' and I have no idea!!
It is like an 'awakening' coming out from a big foggy bubble and things just starting to make sense again. I suppose I started to feel like this after the holiday - maybe having some quality time with family, away from all the stresses of home was just what I needed!
I'm now on a new journey, to learn skills and techniques to keep my 'mental melt downs' at bay, or deal with them if they occur! I'm discussing and learning how my thoughts, feelings, behaviour and physical reactions all interlink and affect each other, so by re-training one, it impacts on all of them! We're starting to look at my anxiety and triggers and then understanding the possibility of alternative views on situations - having more than one result for my endless 'what if... happens' questioning things, reassessing things. I'm LOVING it!!
Maybe I might train to become a psychologist or something... hmm... then again, not sure I could cope with all those people in pain and anguish.
Who knows what my future holds?
2 months ago that thought would have scared me to death, now it's like seeing a giant adventure, full of exciting possibilities. A new journey ahead that I'm so excited to travel!
To all you fellow sufferers of depression, or those who have to live and support a sufferer, remember life is for living. Bad days happen and that is ok, as tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start with all the potential to be so much better than today!
Loads of hugs to all who suffer!!


  1. Fabulous! Jolly well done for all that self awareness work.
    I'm of the opinion that we all need to reach a state of breakdown at some point in our lives in order to have a chance to rebuild when we are clever enough to understand ourselves.
    Do you keep a journal? I've found that enormously helpful in the past to understand myself.
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.

  2. I also wanted to come here and thank you on here for your lovley comments on my blog which more to me than you will probably ever know LOL With regards to the "therapy" I've had counselling in the past and done CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy) and both were hugely beneficial and I use some of the things I learned still to turn negative thought patterns around. Good luck and well done for taking that step.

  3. Oops I meant "mean more to me than you will probably ever know" LOL

  4. Sorry it's taken me a while to reply to your lovely comments!
    Diane - I used to have a note book, which I wrote things in, mainly poems for some strange reason, heehee! But I'm finding blogging really helpful to relieve any bad thoughts and stresses :)
    SMH - thank you honey! I've always found chatting to others and sharing experiences really helps :)


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