Friday, 16 December 2011

Needs a Christmas Miracle

After finding out that we were pregnant, I started to spot the other day which increased to some blood on Weds. We went for a scan today to see if everything was ok and it wasn't as straight forward as we hoped. They had to do an internal scan, as they couldn't see anything. It showed that something was there, but not the size of a 6 week pregnancy that we thought I was. We've been told that my dates could be wrong (I have no idea how long my cycle is!) and that we aren't as far along as we thought. The other possibility is that I'm miscarrying.
We have a 50/50 chance, so I need a miracle!
I don't want to loose this baby, I already feel so attached (have nicknamed it 'pip') have had so many symptoms of being pregnant, so that must be a good sign right?
I won't find out now until 30th December.
So please cross everything you have, that this is a healthy baby and I'm just not as pregnant as I thought.

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