Sunday, 25 December 2011

Not quite the x-mas eve I expected, but hooray for Christmas Day!

So I spent yesterday (x-mas Eve), in the Sonning / Hurley ward at the Royal Berks hospital :(
I started to have immense pains in my tummy, was lots of blood on my pad (sorry tmi) and felt very dizzy and feint at about 1am. Hubby was out (and his phone died, so I couldn't get hold of him!)
I was talking gibberish (think I was totally delirious!), had managed to get to mum and dad's room, so mum phoned out of hours doc and he came out to me. Eventually I managed to get off the floor for the doc to examine me. He said that I needed to go to hospital and went off to phone for the ambulance.
Hubby came home to find the doc sat in the drive, then to be told that I was being sent to hospital :(

The paramedics were lovely on the journey to hospital and made me feel much better.
We thought that the miscarriage had just got to a bad point, however, when I was examined by the consultant, he said that it was only a possible miscarriage, as my cervix (or something like that) was still closed!!! This got me thinking, where's all the blood since Monday been coming from then??? They can't do scans on the weekend, so they took some bloods and gave me pain killers.
They set me up in a bed and the nurses and docs were all brilliant. I chatted to two lovely ladies in between sleeping and was finally let out at 8pm. I have to go back to hospital on Monday for another blood test and on Wednesday for a scan.

Once home, I spent a lovely evening with my parents and in-laws (hubby and big bro had gone to the x-mas eve curry night) then blood started coming much faster and there were huge clots (sorry again tmi) so we phoned the hospital, as they wanted to know if things got worse again (I don't think they would have let me out, if it hadn't been x-mas day today!) they told me to wait an hour and if it didn't slow, I would have to phone again  and maybe go back to hospital. Thankfully it eventually started to slow down!

So that was probably the worst x-mas eve ever. But, today has been lovely! Little man got us at about 6.30 and we 'rested' and tried to get him back to sleep for an hour, before giving up and opening his pillowcase of pressies from Santa, and stocking from Grannie. His favourite was a Lightning McQueen, that you shake, out down, and then it zooms off!

Little man has been so lucky with all of his new pressies! We've played with his new train set, played his new Fireman Sam 'puter', read new books and he danced along to the singing cuddly dog he got from great nan. He's tried some x-mas dinner - apparently sprouts are 'yukky'! but he liked the carrots and turkey :)

He's now upstairs for a well needed nap and hubby has gone back to bed as well ;)

So, I wanted to end by saying a huge thank you and merry Christmas to all the staff in Sonning / Hurley ward, Royal Berks hospital in Reading, and I hope that the lovely lady who had to stay, gets better really soon and can go home to her family!


  1. Hey, Glad you are ok and had a good Christmas Day!! I hope this week goes ok and they can find out whats happening at the scan!! xx

  2. Just got back from my scan today.
    It shows that nearly everything has gone now, so I must have had the actual miscarriage on x-mas eve.
    Am doing ok now, think that I've accepted everything, so now trying to carry on as normal.


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