Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy mothers day!

tantrum taken from
Well, what a start we have had in our house this morning!
Little man has had a tantrum for 2 hours!!! He wouldn't brush his teeth for Grannie, so I took over and he was still not interested in being a good boy, so he went back to his room! Through his screaming and crying I didn't back down (he had the stair gate across the bedroom door) and let him out until he agreed to do his teeth, have a wash and change his stinky nappy like a good boy! 2 hours later, with lots of cuddles and kisses for finally being a good boy, little man gave in!
This is the first time I have not backed down, just to get him to be quiet and I'm feeling quite proud of myself!

Lets hope the rest of you have had nicer starts to mothers day!
Right, am off to make cards then into work at 4.30 - busy day ;)

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