Friday, 9 March 2012

What a week!

Well, it has been a while since I blogged but with the week I've had I hope you can understand why!I started off with a huge mental melt down - I was back to sobbing and suicidal! I think my poor little body had had just about enough of illness after illness and being exhausted and tired all the time and just flipped an 'off' switch.
Unfortunately I couldn't see my own doctor, so saw another one who signed me off for a whole month!
My boss (already not happy with how much time I've had off for illnesses) wasn't going to be impressed - so anxiety kicked in as well, just to make it all so much worse!
My lovely deputy manager Dave (has similar depression problem) took me for coffee on Monday and really helped! Then I had loads of messages form friends at work, wanting to be there for me too - I felt soo lucky! I managed to turn myself right around again and am now waiting to go back to work!
I decided that it might be a good idea to cut down my hours. I would then be less tired and might be able to do something about making my cards and bags to sell!!

The other decision we made in light of my mental break down was that we really can't afford our lovely Honda CRV (we call her Rhonda!) anymore, big sob! £365 a month is just too much, so we went and looked for a new car today (hubby, mum and dad-in-law) and hubby is in love with a Vauxhall Insignia - which will now be ours on Tuesday! (£213 a month instead - so much better!)

It doesn't end there. oh no - have the excitement of going to the dog races tomorrow with all the family! I can't wait - as I think they are soo cute! I only ever bet a couple of quid per race, but I always have to pick by their names (have no idea about all the odds etc!) so that should be really good. Last time we went, I decided that when I'm older, I am going to enter the adoption programme and adopt a retired race dog :)

So, the week has gone from suicidal, despairing me, to hopeful, content me!
I wonder what next week will bring!?!

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