Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Listography: 5 reasons I know I'm a...

tad obsessive!

The lovely Kate over at Kate takes 5 has given us a very broad list this week and I have chosen to share my little obsessions (of the OCD variety) and the routines that I have to follow, or I get all out of sync!

1. Locking doors - I have a terrible obsession with checking that I have locked doors. When I get out of the car, I have to press the lock button at least 10 times to make sure it really is locked - even though I can hear the 'clunk' and see the lights flashing!
At night, every time I go into the kitchen and pass the back door, I have to check that it's locked by trying the handle 3 times - even though I can see the bolts are across!!

2. My Internet 'routine' (which I always do in this order!!) I have mozilla open and turn it to facebook. I then open explorer and turn to my e-mails (I then switch between the 2) When my e-mails are sorted, I open another tab and then check the following; my blogger dashborad, Netmums Parent Bloggers Network pages, then Netmums chat pages - usually the coffee lounge! (again whilst still switching back and forth to facebook!)

(OMG - just these 2 make me sound completely nutts!! Oh well, I've started now so I'll finish!)

3. My bedtime 'routine' (how sad am I!!) I always go and turn my radio to classic fm and turn the bedside light on. Then I get in my jammies. I go to the bathroom and go to the toilet, then brush my teeth, then cleanse, tone etc my face! Next, I go to Little Man's room to say good night, and a little prayer for him. On the way back to my room I say the Lords Prayer ending with kissing the cross on my chain. Then it's off with all my jewellery, take my asthma inhaler, put a few drops on Olbas oil on my jammies top. Finally (I know huge list right!) I set the radio to sleep mode (always in 90 mins) and settle down to read my book!

4. I always have to hang washing out on the line (by the little rule I was taught by a friend's mum) 'hang tops from the bottom and bottoms from the top!'

5. I'm forever apologising! I go round work saying 'sorry' all the time! I have to do it though, even if it's not technically my fault!

Phew, so there you have it! I have now shown how much more of a complete fruit loop I am, then ever before!!!
I'm off to check out some of the other top 5's!


  1. That's actually good advice about how to hang the washing - I must try it.


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