Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A-Z blog prompts from 'Him, me & three'

I have been taking a look at my rather sad blog and realised that lately, the only thing I have posted about has been Kate Takes 5 Listography (not that I don't LOVE it!!) I just felt bad that it seems to be the only thing I have blogged about ;)

I thought it was time to have a look at something new and in my usual way, whilst surfing the blogs I follow, I came across a great idea from Heidi at Him, me & three doing an A-Z as prompts for blogs!

Just like Heidi, I have heard of the A-Z challenge where you post everyday, but her idea was far more relaxed - posting weekly! (which seems to be all I can manage lately!!) I was just so excited about the idea, I had to share!

I will be doing my best to achieve the whole alphabet by Christmas!
I think even I should be able to manage that, heehee!

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