Sunday, 1 April 2012

What a great week!

I'm starting to feel guilty that I haven't blogged for a while! Over the last week a lots of things have been going on!

Work is going much better and thanks to these brilliant little pills called Vitabiotics Immunace and garlic (odourless) that I have started taking to boost my immune system, I am feeling so so much better!
I have more energy, I can get up easier and earlier in the morning - so a much happier me all

My boss offered me another shift at work to do pot washing on a Weds -  so I'll now be waitressing Sundays and Thursday and pot washer on Weds. I'm so grateful to have my job, especially as I love it!!

My gorgeous hubby bought me these, just because he felt like it!

Little man has been having loads of fun this week in his sand table thingy! He likes making castles and has come in nearly every day covered in wet sand with a huge beaming grin! We also made it to the park on his trike thingy, so am feeling a little bit better about my aims to do more things with him!

I have been out loads this weekend!!
On Friday we went out with hubby's friend from work and his Mrs. We went to Nandos for a yummy dinner and then onto the cinema. We watched Wrath of the Titans (which I though was quite good) whilst eating a tub of Ben and Jerry's - I was in heaven! I have now found that not only do I love the 'fisch food' flavour, the raspberry brownie flavour is amazing too!

Then we went round to Nanny's house yesterday to wish her a happy birthday. Little man had a whale of a time charging about with his older cousin, whilst I sat smiling and chatting to his baby cousin! It was really noisy, but really nice!

For a treat, we went to the pub where I worked with Grannie and Grandad and had a gorgeous family lunch! The staff were lovely, the food amazing - what more could you want??
In the evening, hubby and me went down the pub to meet some friends from my work. I spent most of the night in stitches, it was such a laugh! I haven't done anything like that in such a long time and it felt really good! I can get quite nervous at night time, am weary of everyone (I think I watch way too many crime TV shows!!) but I felt happy and safe, so can't wait to go out again soon!

Little man has also started to develop his helping and tidying skills this week:
Grannie helping Little man hoover the messy bits ;)

I got a little side tracked in the middle of writing this, as Little man wanted to do his play-doh and it looked so much fun I had to join in!!
in the Night Garden Play-Doh kit

my favourite bit!

Little man's favourite bit!

ok, so the colours have all blended, but we had great fun!!

The other thing this week,  was that the tax man gave ME some money!!!! £98, thank you very much!
We have decided to put it towards getting a really big trampoline for the garden, that we can all have fun on!!

This coming week is going to be busy preparing for my joint party on Saturday, when me and my best friend are turning the big 30! I can't wait!!!

I have just realised that this might sound like a load of 'reviews' but I don't do them, so everything I've mentioned is my own thoughts alone - I promise :)

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