Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Listography: Top 5 Truths (according to women)

I have so missed taking part in Listography, so when the lovely Kate over at Kate Takes 5 posted this weeks list, I thought I should have another go!

This week it about the Top 5 Truths (according to women).
I think that along my journey to 30, I have managed to pick up a few things - and am sure I have many more to learn in the years to follow ;)

1. What goes around, comes around
I am a great believer in Karma! I have often seen that those who do good are rewarded (be it small recognition or lovely surprises!) and those negative / evil / nasty people will get their comeuppance eventually!!

2. Moderation is key
My Grannie always told me to eat a little of everything you like, as you only have one life (unless you believe otherwise) so you might as well enjoy eating your favourite things and be happy! I've tried so many diets where I've denied myself this and that, and have never managed to stick to any of them - leaving me feeling even worse than before! So, I'm going to stick to my Grannie's plan from now on ;)

3. Age is irrelevant!
I have always had friends of all ages. When I was younger, some of my closest friends were at least 10 years older than me and it never mattered! I also think that when choosing a partner, the older you get, the less age matters. For example my brother's girlfriend is 5 years older than him and you wouldn't know it!
It also applies to the well known saying 'you're as old as you feel' - though on some days I feel about 100, so that isn't always a good thing, heehee!

4. There are different types of friends in your life.
When I was younger, I used to worry a lot about being 'accepted' and 'liked' at school. Then one day, I just stopped worrying and decided that I would be 'me' and people would either like me or then wouldn't and that was fine!
I also found later on, that there are different types of friends;
There your friends for life; people that you meet (sometimes when you're really little) who will always be there for you, who you don't have to see or talk to often, but when you do catch up it's as if you've never been apart.
The 'comet' friends; those who come and brighten your life for a brief time, then fade and drift away again.
'Fair weather friends' who you might see once in a while for a coffee, or comment on their pictures and posts on facebook.
Some you see every week, some once a year, but all have a special place in your life!

5. Everyone is flawed.
We might look at our friends or family and wish that we had their gorgeous wavy hair, or their ability to handle really stressful situations, or their perfectly behaved children etc. The strange thing is that they will be doing exactly the same thing! No one is ever completely satisfied with themselves or their lot in life and will always be looking around and wishing for something else!
So I like to think that 'perfection' is a myth! We all have our strengths (and weaknesses!) and we should try and take a note of them once in a while!

There you have it, my attempt at truths I have learnt so far!
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  1. All very true, I am sat here nodding sagely to your points. x

  2. Am absolutely with you on all of these- I mentioned the age one too! My partner is 12 years older than me and we've been together for 6 years now and are so compatible. Lovely list :)

  3. All good and all true. I like the one about accepting that you have different types of friends for different purposes and occasions.

  4. All very true. Number 1 - we have to believe that (and I do), otherwise life would be too unbearable at times. I loved numbers 4 and 5. Very wise and true, helps us to accept all types of people and friends for what they are. Great list!

  5. Great list. I think that you Granny was right about moderation... unfortunately moderation is not something I am very good at.

  6. You are so right about everyone having their problems! Very philosophical list!


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