Sunday, 30 September 2012

Baby bump sure likes to keep us on our toes!

Yesterday was a little bit eventful!
I had a very slight bleed in the morning, with a tiny clot (sorry tmi) and was worried, but as it stopped, we all (mum and hubby and me) thought that it would be fine.
We went to a lovely little country crafty fair and walked about a fair bit. My favourite was the re-enactment groups - all dressed up in period costume and little man got to 'stamp' an old fashioned coin!
Then, as I'd only had about 4 hours sleep the night before, I went for a lovely long nap!
When I woke again, I had another bleed, so we got in contact with WestCall (our local out-of-hours docs) and they wanted to see me at hospital.
Little man went to stay with nanny and grandad, as I really didn't want to take him to hospital. Then, hubby, mum and me set off for hospital.
I was hooked up for a trace and had the monitor thingy on my bump, but little baby bump was soooo wriggly that I had to keep chasing him/her to keep the trace going!
The doctor examined me and everything looked fine and no more blood, which was such a relief! He said that sometimes with growing and moving, little bleeds can occur! So after 2 hours in total, we all made our way home, little man stayed over at nanny's with his cousin Sean - which was lovely!
This baby sure likes us to know that s/he is there with these little scares ;)
Now, I'm just going to take it a little easier - I've had a lovely relaxing day with my crafty magazine and catching up with e-mails etc :)

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