Tuesday, 18 September 2012

So grown up!

We were very excited today, as it was little man's very first 'proper' session at Pre-School!

We had a lovely early night last night (which hasn't happened in quite a while, heehee!) so it only took a few minutes to persuade him that he needed to get up and get ready for school :)
Unfortunately, my alarms didn't help again today! I slept through 2 on the radio clock and then the one on my phone didn't go off at all, but oh well, we weren't late thank goodness!

Here he is in his gorgeous little uniform, which I think he called 'unicorn' but the effort was there ;)
he was hiding in this one, heehee!

my yummy grown up boy :)

We had a little taster session last week, where I got to stay too - it was brilliant! I think I had as much fun as little man, heehee!

Neither of us were worried today, i explained that he was going to school and that he could play with all the toys again. That I would go home and then when they had had story and rhyme time I would come back and pick him up.
I got a cuddle and kissey and then I left him happily playing with glittery playdoh!

What was really nice was that I had a little chat with the mum of a little girl we met last week, plus Aiden's old childminder was dropping off a little boy, so I had a chat with her too :)

Well, I have to pop back and get him in a minute, but I've enjoyed my morning of undisturbed computer time and a coffee!

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