Sunday, 18 November 2012

Making plans

I'm really good at this!
I have numerous lists of things that I need to do, or want to do all neatly written down in my notebook (I LOVE my notebook, I use it to remember everything!! At the moment, baby brain is so bad I have no other option, heehee!)
However, a lot of the time, my lists of things to do remains just that, a list!
(though I must just say, my list of pressies to buy for x-mas is all crossed off!!)

So, I have been doing lots of thinking, as insomnia is really bad with the big bump and toilet trips in the night, so I have plenty of thinking time ;) and I have decided to try and have days to do certain things.
At the moment, where I am just sooo tired, I can't guarantee what kind of day I'm going to be having, so until the baby arrives, I'm going to have weekend and weekday jobs ;)

During the week I am planning to:
Fill the dishwasher every night
Make cards (especially x-mas ones at the moment, as I haven't started them yet and I want to make most of my close friends and family cards this year!)
Clean the downstairs toilet and basin
Try and hoover upstairs and downstairs (though probably not the same day, as it leaves me sooo knackered, heehee!)
Pick up Little man from Pre-School (with so little sleep at the moment, I just can't get up in time to take him :(  )
Have lots of play time and fun with Little man!!

Then during the weekend I  want to:
Clean the bathroom toilet and basin
Do some baking with Little man - cakes or biscuits for lunches and snacks during the week. Today we are going to make Shrewsbury biscuits :)
Have some family fun! Some special time with hubby :)
Write a blog - as I find it really therapeutic (after all, that was why I started blogging!!) and catch up with the other blogs that I don't get sent through e-mails.

So there you have my 'ultimate plan' - I'll let you know next week how I'm doing ;)


  1. Doing things with little ones while very pregnant is hard, so try not to worry if you don't get the mundane jobs done...they'll wait!x


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