Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Making plans...failure!!

So there I was with my last post Making Plans, all ready with my big plan of jobs to try and help mum and hubby around the house more, and help me feel a little less useless and guilty, the result... pants!
My body and baby bump seem to have other ideas about how I should be spending my time!

Firstly, I came down with an evil cold and cough that lasted about 3 days (I even managed to go through a whole box of tissues in less than one day!) and left me completely exhausted!

On Saturday, my body decided I needed something else to add to my list, and I started the morning coughing up blood! I spent 3 hours waiting at our out of hours docs (WestCall) in the hospital, to be told I have a virus! I was actually really glad and relieved that it wasn't something more dreadful!!

Then a couple of nights ago I developed a searing pain running down my left side - starting from my hip and going mainly up my back. I think it's a trapped nerve (sciatica is that the right word??) This has left me in loads of pain, and not able to get a good nights sleep :( Some of my family think that the baby might be squishing a nerve or something??

So there we have it, baby and body seem intent on slowing me down even more - though I don't know how that is possible, heehee!

Oh, to end with a plus, I have managed to take or pick up Little Man from Pre-school every day this week, so not a total disaster ;)

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