Thursday, 11 August 2011

I'm so ANGRY! Not all unemployed are the same!

Really sorry for the need to rant, but there are so many critical people out there who just have NO idea what it is like to be unemployed!!!

I in no way condone the horrific acts of those looters and people causing disruptions across the country at the moment, but I am sick to death of people tarnishing us unemployed people with the
same brush - comments like 'stop lazing around and get a job' have really got on my last nerve!

Do all those happily employed people have any idea how hard it is to find a job at the moment???
No, of course not! It's not like we can just simply walk in to the job office and 'hey presto' one interview and you're hired!

I don't sit on my bum all day, playing video games or lazing in bed! I have a son to help look after, a small business I'm trying to set up, baking to do for the family and so many more other things to do!
On top of that, I have to trawl through web sites and newspapers to find employment - a soul destroying task! There are the jobs I'm not qualified to do, or I don't have the right experience. Then if I find something that I might be able to do, I am then up against 30-50 other people who also want the same job as me!

 No one asks to be unemployed and having to take financial help to pay the bills - I've already lost my house and had to move back in with my parents - I have no other option than benefits!

So before you sit there with your smug 'unemployed people are wastes of space, who I pay to look after' attitude, try thinking about how you would feel in the same situation!
Until you have walked in the shoes of an unemployed person, stop thinking you know everything and judge us all the same!


  1. Very well said.

    Good luck with setting up the business :)

  2. Amen sister. It's such a lousy thing to be unemployed. I can attest to it (from the other side of the pond). No one asked for this. Hope you and your child are doing better.

  3. Thank you we are!
    I managed to get a job last September and little man is doing loads better too thanks :)
    I hope you manage to find a job soon!


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