Sunday, 31 July 2011

What a busy week

It doesn't feel like my feet have touched the ground this week! So many things going on!

My eyes are getting much better after having the laser eye surgery! They are still a little blood-shot, which my brother commented that I look like some scary 'extra' from a horror movie!! heehee.
Hubby thinks that the goggles I have to wear to bed to stop me rubbing my eyes whilst asleep, is like having someone from the movie 'The Fly' lying next to him!
I am just  so grateful to be able to see without having to reach for my glasses, or putting lenses in : )

Little man has had lots of late nights - down the football club, or over at Nanny's house for a BBQ, means that he has been getting up late - which is not too bad ; ) Though how he still manages to have the energy to be running around like a loony, even at 9pm is beyond me!! I suppose the 2 hour naps in the afternoon must help a little! heehee!
However, as usual with a few late nights, we've now got the grizzly, grumpy little man emerging. Thank goodness we have no more late nights coming up, so he can get to bed nice and early!!

Have been to Hobby craft and had a whale of a time looking round! Have started to collect things to start making my x-mas range of cards - so exciting! Off to get creating! xx

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