Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Not had a good day :(

I suppose I've been doing so well lately, that this was bound to come along sooner or later :(
Little man has been a complete nightmare today - not doing anything he's asked to do, stroppy, tired but refusing to go to sleep, the list goes on!
Also had a bad day for feeling what's the point of trying anymore?
Have been poorly (which is probably the cause of all the negativity!) and have just got to the point where I am so sick of being unemployed. I'm so fed up with applying for endless jobs only to be told that they had 60+ applicants so I wasn't successful this time /  let me go to interview and I haven't got the experience they need - why interview me then!?!?!
It all is just starting to feel like a huge waste of time! No one seems to want me, little man is really p***ing me off and he's with me all the time at the moment! Am starting to loose my hope! Not worked now for over 4 months and I'm itching to get out and 'do' something - ANYTHING!!
I have no time to make my bags and cards as have little man, there just doesn't seem to be any release at the moment! Had lots of tears today, been a while so not happy about that either.
Maybe I've been trying to keep it all together for so long now, trying to remain positive, that there just isn't anymore left.
Well, in spite of all this, am only allowed today to feel sorry for myself - tomorrow is a new day. I'm starting psychology at last and hopefully they can start to sort me out!

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