Thursday, 19 January 2012

starting to feel loads better

I've been signed off for the past 2 weeks, as my emotions from the miscarriage have finally caught up with me! I think physically I had delt with loosing Pip, but went back to work too soon and then my emotions finally caught up and knocked me for six.

The first week, I was back to the dreadful depressive state, where I became a couch potato and rarely got out of my jammies!
Thankfully, this week has seen huge improvements!
I am trying to make sure that I'm up before 10 am every day. I'm keeping to my exercise routine. I've started to make a bag for MiL and a card for little man's childminder whose just had a baby boy! :)

Things are starting to come together again and I am so pleased and relieved!

As soon as little man has gone to nanny's house for the rest of the day, I'm off to more crafting :)
If I finish anything, I'll post later!

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