Saturday, 28 January 2012

What a great day :)

Hubby surprised me today by deciding to finally sort out his mountain of clothes that spill out of his 2 and 1/2 chest of draws, clutter the tops and the floor in the landing! (ok, not all of the clothes in the landing are just his, but you get the idea!) I never could understand why he needed things like 12 white tops that look almost identical? Anyway, he managed to fill 2 charity bags and I was really happy - I sorted mine out last week, so a fab clear out to start 2012!
But we didn't stop there! I decided to start sorting out a few little things here and there around our pigsty bedroom and it ended in us both clearing and sorting out the whole room! It looks really nice now, I'm just hoping that it will stay that way!!

Little man has been busy all day, playing games with Grandad, Grannie, Unkie Sy as well as me and hubby. I managed to snap a couple of picture of him playing with the fuzzy felt pictures (even though I absolutely loath it, as the board is covered in glitter that goes everywhere!!) but today I didn't mind playing at making pictures:
a master at work

one of the pictures he made


Then, the only time of the day that I wasn't 100% happy with, was when I turned around from ordering a few bits on the computer to find that little man had been keeping himself thoroughly amused and his call of 'daddy look' (hubby was helping me) and here's what we found:
my little toad!
He had only emptied the entire tissue box - little toad!!

The evening has been spent with my parents watching Thor on DvD - I'd never seen it before and thought it was brilliant! Added bonus being that Thor was gorgeous!! ;)

Hubby is out down the pub with his friends, but before he left, I managed to get a couple of piccies of him and me, as I am seriously lacking in any recent piccies of him or us!
I think he looked gorgeous tonight!!

me and my yummy hubby

The other thing I have realised today is how much better our relationship seems to be now. Since we lost Pip, we have had to have some serious chats. Now, we are talking more and I feel loads more love and happiness than I have in ages - seems strange that something so tragic has made me love and appreciate hubby so much more!


  1. Hi I just caught up with your blog after a few months, I am so sorry about your miscarriage :(
    You're right though, things like this make you appreciate the people who love you and what you have. Nice pics of you all :)

  2. Aww thank you!
    Things have started to get back to normal now :) We've decided to start trying for baby 2 again :)


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