Saturday, 4 February 2012

Been busy crafting :)

Well, it's been a little while since I managed to get round to blogging - me and little man are poorly - he has tonsillitis and I have swollen glands (as no tonsils!) so we've been sleeping and resting lots this week!

Yesterday I managed to have a minor melt-down as saw how bad our finances are, again! So managed to get my behind to the stoffice and got making cards today :)
I now just have to work out how and where to sell them to make us some much needed money ;)

Valentines Day cards (sorry that piccies aren't great - might have to invest in a newer camera soon!)

country companions decoupage

inside country companions card

my first attempt at using glitter! Not sure about it though!

metal brad on black background heart

metal brad, again on black background

stamps coloured in bright pink

same stamps and colouring, different arrangement

Let me know what you think ;)

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