Friday, 24 February 2012

Have been really brave!

Me and little man went to visit a friend and her 'zoo' of pets on Wednesday - partly to have a good old chin-wag and catch up, as I haven't seen her in ages! Also to help me with some of my fears! Here are some piccies of how brave we were!

little man and Lisa
watching the hedgehog

looking at the spider!!

holding the small snake!

holding the lizard

little man and the tortoise

the big snake giving us a cuddle!

I held the big snake's head - very brave for me!!


  1. Wow, you are brave. I can't see a picture of you holding the spider though?!

    1. Nope! Lisa said they're not handling her at the moment, as she has lost all her 'spines' (first line of defense) and now all she will do is bite if she's scared!(that hurts like a bee sting) They're waiting for her to have her 'spines' before handling her again! Then might try and hold her then! ;)


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