Saturday, 11 February 2012

Help Harry help others - my new inspiration

The most brilliant thing has happened.I received in the post our bracelets ordered from 'Help Harry Help Others' for Cancer research UK.
Little man loves his 'special' (as he calls it) and has not stopped wearing it!

I am now feeling even more inspired to get my butt into gear!
Looking down at my bracelet reminded me how special and amazing Harry was and what he achieved whilst he was so so poorly. So I have decided that if he can do that, then what is stopping me?
Depression sucks, but it's not going to be in control anymore!
From this day on, I pledge that:
  • Happy Crafting is going to make money and help my 2 chosen charities (Mind and MS society)
  • I AM going to loose weight and feel better when I look in the mirror!
I decided today that my life long relationship with chocolate, was now going to have to end!
I have also been doing stomach crunches and other mini exercises every night before I go to sleep in the hope to loose my tummy (or at least flatten it a bit!) and I am going to keep this up!
I now have a skipping rope and I can't wait to get out in the fresh air and get started (in the back garden, where no one else can see me! Heehee!) It even has a calories counter :)
I am going to re-new my relationship with Wii fit plus and make it a weekly event, rather than something I do when I remember or really can't sleep!!

If I feel uncertain, lacking in motivation, or doubting my abilities, I am going to look to my beautiful bracelet and remember Harry - my new talisman for bettering myself and never giving up!


  1. How long did it take for your bracelet to come?

    1. A few weeks, not that long I don't think.

    2. Okay thanks (:


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