Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Am feeling a little scared!

It is the night before the big day, something that I have been wanting to do for years and have managed to chicken out of before now! Tomorrow at about 2pm I am going to have my eyes lasered!
I'm so excited and scared at the same time!

People keep commenting on how much it costs (I am lucky that my mum has paid it out-right and I am setting up a payment plan through her!) but the way I see it, I would be wearing glasses and lenses for ever - laser eye surgery is a one off payment, that altough it is expensive, it will be worth it when I don't have to pay for anymore lenses every month, or new glasses, or to have old glasses updated, etc.
The main pros that I am looking forward to are:

Being able to see and not have my hubby say 'can you see...oh, no you're blind as a bat, as you've not got your lenses in' - flippin rude if you ask me - heehee!

Not trying to find a lense that I have dropped in the sink / on the floor, then having to decide how much it will hurt to put it in, before I end up throwing it away (or when I'm feeling really brave, putting it in, tear up immediately in pain, take it out and then throw it away!)

Being able to get up and be able to see right away, without having to scramble for my glasses on the bedside table, or realise that I have left them in the bathroom, again!

Being able to go swimming without the fear of my little man's enthusiastic splashing accidently getting in my eye and I end up loosing a lense! (I can't stand not being able to see, so the thought of not wearing them swimming was so not an option for me!) Ditto for sitting next to the tub while he splashes away having his bath!

The down sides:

What happens if my eyes REALLY itch? I know I'm not allowed to scratch or rub them! Or I get something in my eye like an eye-lash? Will I be able to get it out??

Getting a big headache - not major, as have had plenty of them! Plus have been advised by everyone I know whose had the procedure to go straight to bed afterwards - no problems there! heehee!

Having to wear a huge face mask thingy at night, to stop me 'accidentally' itching in the night. (all I can say is thank goodness my hubby works nights!!heehee)

OK, feel a little better for looking at the pros and cons! Haven't scared myself, so am still going ahead with it!

So long glasses and lense, you will not be missed!

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  1. Ooh that's something I have toyed with as I live in my contact lenses, not got the money at the moment, not sure I've got the courage to let surgons mess with my eyes either!


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