Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Do you write thank yous?

All the thank you cards - so far!!
I have been busy making my 'thank you' cards for the pressies that little man got for his birthday.

This got me thinking, do people still write thank yous anymore? When we were youngish my mum had us write little notes to say thank you for pressies we got at Christmas and birthdays. I always thought it was really nice, as some of the people lived far away and we wouldn't see them in ages (Also not the people we would usually 'phone' for a chat).

So when I had Aiden (it did take me a while to get organised!) I made little thank you cards for all of the pressies he's had so far - though I might have forgotten to do his Christening - woops!!

I love it when we get little hand made cards or notes from his older cousins! I can't wait to be able to do them with Aiden when he is older - I mean, what a perfect excuse to do some crafting (plus it will keep him out of mischief for a bit too!! heehee)

It just made me a little sad to think that this might be seen as too much hassle and old fashioned when you can txt, e-mail or facebook a group 'thank you'. There's just something so personal to receive a lovely hand made card (or even a little note - love them just the same!!) that someone has taken care to do - maybe I'm just  a sad 'traditionalist' ??
Anyway, so that I can remember the ones I really like (for future crafting!) here are a few of my favourite ones:

Now off to make 3 more!!


  1. I like thank you cards too. Still have some to do for my daughters birthday though - as I was waiting for some photos to be developed. Better get on with thm this week though. It is great now my daughter's 4 and as long as I have some good kit I can leave it to her to do her own.

  2. I can't wait for little man to be old enough to make his own ;)
    Glad it's not just me!

  3. I'm not a creative crafty type but I feel very strongly about personal thank yous, I always made my boys either always make a personal phone call to a relative to thank them or write a card/letter. I think it is really important to acknowledge gifts.


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