Thursday, 21 July 2011

I can't believe I finally did it!

I can't believe I actually managed to start my very own blog!
I've been thinking through lots of things lately and decided that I wanted to have a little space just for me. My thoughts (most of which will probably make no sense!) my feelings, my wishes, my dreams and my life with my little man and wonderful hubby!
I decided what better time to start than on the eve before my little boy turns 2!
I can't believe how many things have changed since he was born!

Aiden born 22.07.2009

I just wanted to have a snap shot of Aiden as he is now, so that when he is older he can look back at this and see how much he was adored from the moment he was born (and before!!)

So, Aiden at the moment: spends most of his time running around like a lunatic! He is getting quite tall, has beautiful blond hair and blue eyes. He has loads of teeth, plus some evil fangs (honestly!!) and the 'hardy' gap between his front teeth (which all of my mother's side of the family seem to have - me included)

 He wear Salisbury's and Tesco's own brand clothes, plus hand-me-downs from his cousin Sean! (we don't see the point in forking out a fortune for something he will grow out of in 5 minutes!) He chose his latest trainers himself (with dadda's help), size 7, which have a flashy red light when he stamps (which he does quite often! heehee) He loves dancing and going to his little music group 'Little Quavers'.

 His childminder (who he sees 2 days a week) is Zoe, and he adores her! 
His favourite books are the Mummy and Baby animal series which have jigsaw pieces he takes out, looses, we search for and eventually find and put back!

He adores the plastic rings that make up part of his bath toy boat (they stack on it) but only the yellow and purple ones (he calls 'lello' and 'furple') which have had to accompany us to many places! He loves drawing with pens, which for some reason he calls crayons!

He sleeps in a cot with loads of stuffed toys ('bunny' and 'duckie' are his favourite) in his 'grobag' with a blankie (that he snuggles).  

Aiden now - loving the slide!

He is a typical boy - investigating everything, especially the mud in the garden! He is also completely fearless and zooms up and down his slide in the garden and in the local parks.
 He is a 'people person' who says 'hello' and 'bye' to complete strangers in the street!
He is completely bonkers (just like me!) and I just love him to bits!


  1. I loved reading this - you come across as open, honest, and caring, and your little man matters more than the clothes he wears!

  2. aww thank you!
    Yeah, little man lives in hand-me downs from his cousin S and Sainsbury's / Tesco's own ;)


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