Monday, 25 July 2011

My cards

I just thought that I would post the different cards that I make and the prices that I am charging - just to see what people think : )

bargains = 50p

This are my cheapest cards made out of stickers and peel-offs. I made them thinking that little kids might like them!

stamps = £1.00

My stamp cards are the most 'simple' design I have - I find it very hard no to add more, as they seem so plain - but am trying to broaden my styles to appeal to different tastes : )

squares = £1.50

I was worried about how to price these square cards- but the design uses metal (my most expensive topper) so I thought it would be ok.

small decoupage = £2.00 

Decoupage cards are my favourite kinds to make - I love Jolly / Paper Nation and have also started to branch out to other designs as well. Although my favourite, they also take the longest time to make! So less made a day, made me think that asking a little ore wouldn't seem unreasonable. Also I make the envelopes, so that adds a bit to the cost : )

large decoupage = £2.50

Usually more fiddly to cut out!

3D 'box' cards = £3.00

The 'box' cards as I call them aren't the hardest to make, but the packs are the most expensive to buy!

I hope you enjoyed some of my cards - please feel free to add comments - especially about the pricing - don't want to over charge people if they don't seem worth it! heehee


  1. I really like them, I no it got quite popular card making, it seems really enjoyable, I can't comment on pricing as I am not sure, but the best thing I think is to see what over people price similar cards at, and then price accordingly. Hope your business goes well, I would like to run a small business from home one day, something crafty but not sure yet what, anyway keep on with those funky cards x

  2. Love the cards hun! Wish I could do stuff like that, I have given it a go in the past but I always stuggled to come up with my own ideas! x

  3. thanks for the comments!
    Rewag29 - the decoupage cards that I do come in a pack for you to cut up and layer up, all you have to do is pick a colour for the background -in case you ever felt inspired again ;)


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