Friday, 22 July 2011

Happy Birthday little man!

So, it's now my little man's (LM) second birthday and we've had a brilliant day so far!
LM was really good to us and didn't actually wake up until nearly 8 this morning, which was fab. We then had the job of getting him ready and down to the living room where I had set up all of the pressies and cards last night.
Hubby and grandparents were there armed with cameras when we finally made it down stairs and I covered his eyes as I carried him in. His face was so shocked : ) The first thing we had to do was remove everything from on top of the mini trampoline, so that he could bounce! We then opened the rest of his pressies (not too many as we are still quite strapped for cash where I'm unemployed) but enough for him to have a whale of a time - his face beaming throughout!
We then went up the farm to visit hubby's brother, sister-in-law and their new baby! The other grandparents and aunty C was there as well, so it was more pressies and cards and I got to have lots of cuddles with the gorgeous baby CJ : )
Unfortunately for me I then had to go to my appointment at the job center which was a right pain. When I got back, poor hubby's back pain was even worse, so he went to bed, then I put little man to bed and am now having a few moments to myself (whilst helping to cook dinner!)
BBQ with family tomorrow and we'll hopefully be able to go swimming which we were planning to do today.
Will post some piccies on my next entry, as they're still on the camera.


  1. Happy Birthday to your little boy :) Mad when they turn 2, My daughter was 2 in April :)

  2. Ahh bless! Just can't believe how quickly time flies!


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